Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day, Successful Day, Cold Day, Not My Day

Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day, Successful Day, Cold Day, Not My Day

May 3, 2013
I don’t want to remind you about the cold weather we had few weeks ago on April 20, 2013, during the Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day. That day I arrived at the Town Park after lunch and obviously I missed bunch of stuff.

I intended to stay little longer but nothing really was happening and the cold weather sent me home with the wind.

Water for Tomorrow

However, I don’t want to miss this post since I was very pleased with few changes especially the portable water supply tank as opposed to serving soda drinks or bottled water and creating more garbage. Here is what I wrote last year, Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day Event Great Event, Short On Innovation.

However, there is always room for improvement, something we don’t have control of, we needed warmer weather that day.

Eating Lunch, Town Park, Town Park

Playful Dog, Town Park, Aurora

Happy to be back and blogging. In the past few days I had an opportunity to finally get out and start photographing.

Spring flowers come out in the spring and so am I. However, I just don’t come out, I burst out.

Unfortunately, I will be missing the Military Tatoo Sesquicentennial event on Sunday May 5th. Instead, I will be celebrating Ukrainian Easter with my family.

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  1. Anna, thank you for attending the opening of Art Aurora this evening. It is always a pleasure to watch you in action, capturing the unique moments that might otherwise be missed.

  2. Thanks Nancy, it was nice to see you again and many others.
    I will post photos from the show probably sometimes on Monday.
    I had very interesting week, and so much material to work with.
    Anna :)