Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day Event Great Event, Short On Innovation

Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day Event Great Event, Short On Innovation

It all started with the reminding announcement I heard on the radio yesterday while driving home. The announcer sounded rather sarcastic than encouraging the Aurora Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day participation.

Today was the Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day and I don’t even know where to begin – I have so many thoughts.


Let’s start with the positive side of the anti-litter day event. Any type of awareness is good for the community. Its good for the environment and its good for our children as they are our future and we need to teach them good environmental habits.

Congratulations to all who participated in today’s event.


The Town of Aurora announced this event on their site and concluded with this statement: ‘Last year, Aurorans collected 1.94 tonnes (1940 kilograms) of litter and we are looking to collect even more in 2012.

Is more better you may ask yourself? I asked my husband the same question after the event not seeing the above statement yet. I stated – ‘I hope that this year during this event less garbage will be collected.

Hopefully They Are Asking The Same Question?

Collecting less and less litter during this day event is a positive outcome and it means that the Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day awareness is working. It was rather disappointing to read that the Town of Aurora was looking forward to collect more litter in 2012.

I know, I know, I am picking on something probably very insignificant and I am sure that whoever wrote this note did not mean for us to interpret that way. I am sure they meant that more volunteers will come out and help to clean up our town. More of us out, more garbage collected.

Take Pride In Our Parks & Do Not Litter

Then another question popped in my head later on – are we innovative?

I admit, I did not participate in collecting garbage today (I got my reasons) but we did come to the Town Park to enjoy the activities with Matthew just before lunch. Park was still preparing for the celebration – food and fun activities for volunteers and families. We had an opportunity to enjoy few things without waiting in long lines.

We had other obligations, so we left before volunteers arrived for the celebration.

Recyclable Drinks

Yes, innovation came to my mind when I saw blue recycle boxes full of drinks in cans and plastic bottles. So how innovative is that? Volunteers spend three hours collecting garbage around the town and then we come to the town park to generate more garbage. I just find this ironic.

I am sure anti-littering day event is not only to tell littering people not to litter, but bring up the complete environmental awareness how bad to the environment is the littering concept.

Hopefully Others Will Say The Same Thing

So here is what I have to say. We have to be more innovative. Repeating same thing over and over again does not make things greener. We need to think about solutions that work. We need to educate children to develop good habits.


Last year about 2000 kg of litter was collected. If I recall last year’s event, I have seen some interesting items piled up in the pick up areas. I think if you reuse what was collected you could easily assemble living space for a one person.

The good news is that we did not have such things this year, at least in the area where I live. But if we collect about the same weight of litter, then that means we collected more of light garbage.

We Cannot Just Have Fun

How can we reduce littering? Not so fast, first we need to identify source of littering. Probably the biggest litter comes from blue boxes that are filled to the top on the windy day. Second source comes from people who litter.

Fishing For Ideas For Next Year?

Our blue box broke. The garbage man is to blame. Town will replace your blue box with a new one. All you need to do is to bring broken one for a worthwhile exchange. We did and we got not just brand new box but taller one. We did not have chance to use it yet as we continue to have technical difficulties filling up the smaller blue box.

Hint, put three inch mark inside the blue box from the top that shows recommended fill up height and develop habit to never pass that mark.

Put This Year Behind & Let Us Be More Innovative Next Year

Perhaps in years to come the Mayor’s Anti-Litter day will be more strategic and innovative. I am hoping to see less litter on the ground, less litter collected and less litter generated as a result of this awareness.

Lastly, lets hope that next year I will also capture some innovative ideas on photos because this year was just like last year.

Town Park, Aurora

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. Anna, you make some good points.

    I participated in the Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day as part of a team from CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, an Aurora company that manufactures recycling bins from recycled HDPE plastic.

    I found it ironic that the organizers chose to serve bottled water during the BBQ when plastic water bottles are amongst the most common items thrown away but not recycled. Our company team picked up dozens of these very bottles in the Aurora Arboretum that day but on my way leaving the BBQ I saw half-full water bottles abandoned all over the park.

    I also was very disappointed the Town wasn’t collecting compost at the BBQ (or if they were it wasn’t obvious where it was); I was forced to throw leftover food into a container heading for landfill.

    I would love to see a more complete recycling/composting/waste program at the event next year (and perhaps even permanently installed there) so that all three streams of waste accepted by the Town could be collected and if they happened to be CleanRiver Recycling Containers, all the better!

    Like you, next year I also hope to see the Town be more creative in their approach. With the number of children in attendance, this year’s event was a missed opportunity to educate kids and families about litter and work towards picking up LESS litter next year.


  2. Elizabeth thank you for your input on this years Anti-Litter Day.
    This was my second year attending and I was hoping to see something different.
    Let see what will happen next year.
    Thanks again for your comment. Anna :)