Lets Go To The Aurora Farmers Market, A Regular Event

Lets Go To The Aurora Farmers Market, A Regular Event

Jun 20, 2013
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If we can’t think of anything to do on the Saturday morning – simple, lets go to the Aurora Farmers Market. It is a regular event for us. We don’t shop we just go to indulge on popcorn, cookies and lollipops. Yes me first and now Matthew, we love lollipops. Never too old for a lollipop. Perhaps, one day we will stay for a lunch.

This gentleman is not hiding from me, just happened that he covered his face with his hand. But, I do like his shirt EAT SLEEP GRIND REPEAT BECOME.

EAT SLEEP GRIND REPEAT BECOME T-Shirt; Aurora Farmers Market

Once at the Aurora Farmers Market, I really don’t want to explore everything there, because I want to be back and every time I am back I want to find something new. Never mind I go there to socialize as well and sometimes to meet new people. Last Saturday I got to meet Megan who sells delicious baking products.

As always I cannot avoid David Heard. I am always curious what’s in his booth, but I also like to chat as he always fills me in with interesting facts about Aurora. David now sells Vinyl records and has some interesting Vinyl artwork you will definitely enjoy.

David Heard, LP Vinyl Record, Aurora Farmers Market

Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts that day had open house, so I walked in. I have not been back since my last photo shoot of the inside the building, and that will be almost a year. The auditorium is renovated. What was intriguing – the large panels halfway through the hall way to create an illusion of the old hallway. Loved it.

Well Street School Lofts, Inside

And there is Arron Morris biking away. I met Arron this year at the Aurora Farmers Market and got a chance to see him in action playing with his The Manatee Band during Aurora Street Festival. If I am not mistaken next week there will be strawberry festival at the market and Arron with his band will be playing at the bandshell at the Town Park. And there is Megan on the background.

Aaron Morris Biking Away, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

It is good to see that people use other means of transportation to drop by and leave the Aurora Farmers Market – like this man rolling away on his roller blades.

Rolling Away, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

Some enjoy sitting around. Unfortunately I didn’t escape candid shot this time. Oops he looked into my lens.

Sitting Around, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

Have you ever stopped and read THE TOWN PARK sign. This time I did and photographed as well. Here is what the sign reads.

THE TOWN PARK. Purchased from John Mosley in 1867, the Town Park has been a focus of community activity for many years. At the northeast corner is the drill shed built in 1874 for the 12th Battalion, York Rangers. That same year, the Hon. Edward Blake delivered his “Aurora Speech” there to launch the Canada First movement, an early example of Canadian nationalism. Facing the par on the west side is Wells Street School which was used as the Aurora High School from 1923 to 1952, replacing an earlier building on the site. The park itself has served as a parade ground and sports field as well as the location for important community events such as Victoria Day celebrations, fairs, markets, and the Aurora Horse Show. Town of Aurora Heritage Commitee (LACAC) 1997.

I wonder if the town will do anything special for the 150th Anniversary of the Town of Aurora – like planting a tree, or updating this sign, or a new plaque. We don’t have Wells Street School anymore.

Also I didn’t know that we used to have Victoria Day celebrations at the Town Park. Funny that this event was mentioned on the sign because every Victoria Day traffic on my blog doubles as people are searching for Victoria Day long weekend activities in the Town of Aurora.

The Town Park, Heritage

Lots more to do at the Town Park – eat breakfast and lunch, drink coffee, indulge on the treats, sit around, play in the open space. Playground is always filled with children running around or playing in the water. Yes splash pad is now open.

Kids Playing, Town Park

Or practice baseball like this young boy who was vividly practicing with is father.

Practicing Baseball, Town Park

Or you can have fun at the bandshell like we did. Just a quick update. For few weeks now Matthew was not well. He was diagnosed with HSP [Henoch–Schönlein purpura] which is inflammation of the blood vessels, a side effect after the upper respiratory tract infection. It all started with re-occuring stomach cramps, vomiting and not eating for almost 5 days. Interesting rash spread on his lower part of the body.

Last Saturday we thought that everything was going away, but now after the market we came home and Matthew’s knee joints started to swell. He lost mobility until Sunday. Then on Monday after an appointment with a pediatrician at the Southlake, Matthew’s ankle joints started to swell and he had terrible arthritic pain.

Matthew is now much better. Unfortunately, he is on anti-inflammatory medication. Slowly everything is resolving itself. The rush is still spread all over and may be staying for a while. I was so glad to see him running away from me when I had to administer the medication. He is my little Happy Camper and you can see more photos of him here.

Us at the Bandshell, Town Park

After we exhausted all the possibilities what to do at the Town Park we drove back home. Until next time …

Driving Home, Wellington Street & Industrial Parkway, Aurora Ontario

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