Kevin O’Leary Visiting Aurora For The First Time, Not Much To See At Night

Kevin O’Leary Visiting Aurora For The First Time, Not Much To See At Night

Nov 16, 2012
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Kevin O’Leary visiting Aurora – I wasn’t going to miss it. On the evening of November 13th, 2012 RBC Dominion Securities had Kevin O’Leary presenting at the DiNardo’s The Mansion.

I am not that much of a die-hard fan of O’Leary but I did almost kill myself running into a tree while sprinting through a dark parking lot to see his show. After few seconds of my idiotic fight with the tree branches I recovered and sprinted forward like nothing happened.

After all I wasn’t late, Mr. O’Leary was. He was stuck in traffic. Since I was only stuck in the parking lot I was able to beat him and still got the 10th row seat. He got the podium.

Kevin O’Leary in the Town of Aurora, Ontario

It was actually very interesting evening. Mr. O’Leary is quite an entertainer and I really enjoyed his views on investment. He didn’t tell me anything new as we already are very conservative family but it is sometimes good to get that confirmation from someone successful and obviously to see someone successful live. I am a big fan of ‘save your money’ and now I am of ‘get paid while you wait ®’. Unfortunately, it may take a while to get that second slogan moving forward.

So what did he say? To keep short and sweet – be conservative, never spend your principle only the interest, invest in the corporate bonds (look internationally) and if you going to buy stocks, buy those that pay dividends. Believe or not these were his mother’s investment principles as well.

Interesting enough he did talk about his television involvement a lot. One may ask why it is so. Well this is how he networks and gets to know individuals of interest and then deals money. Interesting approach but works for Mr. O’Leary.

The money does not grow on trees and they never did for Kevin O’Leary as he had to work hard to be successful. We must remember that as well.

Kevin O’Leary in the Town of Aurora, Ontario

Now the good stuff after the show. Mr. O’Leary wrote a book and gave out five autographed copies to the draw winners. Pictures with Mr. O’Leary were allowed. I wasn’t going to get one but I saw one couple leaving the picture scene and going ‘yes, yes, yes’. It looked like they won a big prize. Well, I decided to get my prize as well. Now that I have it, what am I going to do with it? Can’t sell it either.

Yeah, I got the autograph as well. First he signed my folder, but I was brave enough to ask for a second autograph near his picture. Well one day it is going to be an artifact. Does anyone want the signed folder?

On the way out I refrained myself from having a wine. I am sure it was really good, but that kind of tasting can be left to experts and I am not one of them. And to add, I wasn’t going to have another idiotic fight or even a dance with the tree outside.

Well next time if Kevin O’Leary comes back to Aurora I recommend to see his presentation – strongly recommend. And if he will be back may be he can visit Aurora during the day, I am sure he missed lot of good stuff in our town as he only was here in the evening.

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