Ho Ho Our Town, Our Aurora, Our Big Town

Ho Ho Our Town, Our Aurora, Our Big Town

Dec 23, 2011
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Looking through my blog you will know just how beautiful Aurora is. I couldn’t recommend that everyone visits enough. And if you already live here, it is important that we take pride in our environment and enjoy it for the wonderful place, full of opportunity it can be.

In case you live far away though, or you get your thrills from party poker, or living vicariously through old acquaintance Facebook pages, today I am going to take some time to talk about some of the facts and history that surround the town and display few photos from 2011. We as the community should be proud of the heritage.

Sheppard House, Sheppard's Bush Trail

Where is Aurora? Aurora can be found roughly 20 km north of the city of Toronto and is situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine. The Moraine, which covers a geographical area of 1,900 km between Caledon and Rice Lake, is a geological land-form that is thought to have been formed during the Late Wisconsonian glacial period. The word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t cover the splendor of the area, and it’s a wonderful place for Aurora to be.

Sheppard's Bush, Maple Sugar Shack

In terms of the town, I would say I’m not the only person to love it, considering in 2010 the population rose to 53,892. This makes us the 97th largest population in Canada. Compare this to 113th in 2001, and I believe there are many people like me who moved into the area and just fell in love. A lot of this love comes from the fact that a large part of Aurora is under the Ontario Government’s Greenbelt legislation, which enforces limits on growth in designated areas. There is a lot of build up to the north of the town, but the southern eastern areas, in particular are largely protected.

Rail Track Crossing, St. John's Sideroad

So what is there to do in Aurora? Our community theatre for example, Theatre Aurora has been around since 1958. At the time it was called the Aurora Drama Workshop. Then 1973 came around and they banded together with the Aurora Musical Society to form Theatre Aurora. The following year they moved into the Factory Theatre on Henderson Drive, where they, to this day perform show after show, generation after generation. Their shows are always worth a watch.

Barn, Leslie Street, Aurora

So there you have it. Just a few little facts and as always photography of our big town. Ho Ho Ho …

Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora

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