Hillary House Architectural & Fundraising Victorian Style Ball Details

Hillary House Architectural & Fundraising Victorian Style Ball Details

Oct 10, 2012
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Recently I had an opportunity to do two things for the Hillary House. Take some pictures – something an avoidable. I always take picture.

I have also created an event website for the Hillary House fundraising ball. Hillary House Ball is a Victorian style evening dinner dance event. Tickets are still on sale and the funds raised will go towards all the needs and necessities at the Hillary House – mainly restoration. The Hillary House Ball will be in honour of 150th Anniversary. Yes just 150 years ago in 1862 Hillary House was constructed. The ball is scheduled for Friday, the October 19th, 2012.

Hillary House was a treat to photograph. Architectural details everywhere. I used my macro lens to photograph and capture some of the smallest details. I was especially intrigued by the door. Door is a door – used everyday. Soon as I put my eye against the viewfinder I was amazed with the colors, textures and details – and I found the prefect keyhole.

Hillary House, A Door Keyhole

I also noticed all this writing all around the door on the brick. I was told that the names written were actually related to Hillary family. Some of the dates on the signatures were pretty old.

No doubt you can see lot of deterioration on the Hillary House. But let’s face it my house is deteriorating too, especially the side facing direct sun. Direct ultraviolet sun can cause lot of damage, especially to the houses old like Hillary House which is not made of anything close to engineering materials that can withstand harsh weather, just made of plain wood.

And there is the barn. So I had the windows surrounded with wine red planks in mind for sure, but the slider mechanism at the big sliding barn door caught my eye. What an interesting feature. The rust and the little bit of sun shining through the tree tops let me snap this mechanical part and enhance it beauty.

If you ever at the grounds, the front face of the barn is not everything. There are some interesting window frames on the back to look or photograph.

So this is all for the outside adventure. To get more out of your trip to the Hillary House you must visit inside – totally different world. If you like to look at the old artifacts the house is full of that – from medical instruments to personal items of Hillary family.

Personally I start noticing Hillary House in 2008, but I have been there in the early 2000 when my brother-in-law got married and the wedding photo shoot was outside and on the veranda of the Hillary House. I was in the bridal party. Funny how things go, first picture with Hillary House and now taking pictures of.

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