Have You Noticed, The Landmark Crane In Aurora Is Gone

Have You Noticed, The Landmark Crane In Aurora Is Gone

May 4, 2013
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The famous landmark crane that was standing on The Ridgewood condominium construction site on the John West Way is now gone.

The crane was with us for a while and if you paid attention that crane was visible from few spots in Aurora. The St. John’s sideroad, Bayview Street and Industrial Parkway are just few places the crane was visible.

Partial Crane Left

I have been tracking progress of this building since the foundation. Since the crane is gone now, one can assume that this is the height of the building. The glass windows and doors are now being added, and at night lights are on. It used to be the crane that was lit up before.

The other day I was lucky enough to see departure of the crane sections. I didn’t notice anything at first. Funny how it goes, it was after few snaps that I realized that the crane was missing, but I was fortunate to arrive and to see what was left of the crane.

Taking Crane Parts Away

In addition, visiting this site many times, I encountered few interesting incidences like lifting some major concrete walls, lifting portable toilets and pumping concrete from the concrete truck right across the building. What can I say, I like construction sites.

Just in case you missed the crane, here are some pictures I took last winter – Winter-y Evening Drive Near John West Way, Construction Site & Year 2012 In Review.

This will be probably the biggest yet condominium in Aurora, if I am not mistaken.

Wide Load

And below is an evening shot of one of the building faces I took around nine o’clock after photo shooting the Aurora Art Show at the Town Hall on Friday.

At night, Installing Windows

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