George T. Browning House Not To Be Continued, The Last Moments

George T. Browning House Not To Be Continued, The Last Moments

Apr 4, 2012
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I came back this morning to check on the George T. Browning house. The demolishing was moving slow on Monday and slow on Tuesday morning, but when I came back on Wednesday morning with Matthew the house was leveled to the ground and most of the brick was removed from the property.

So what do we have left of the house – history, memories and photos. It is official there is no George T. Browning house anymore (demolished on April 3rd, 2012, most likely later in the day).

Below are the last moment photos of the house taken on Tuesday morning.

George T. Browning House, Bricked Middle Window

George T. Browning House, Outside Decor

Thoughts … may be if the Browning family kept the Italianate/Tuscan villa style home in the family for longer period of time things would be different today, perhaps restored and occupied.

George T. Browning House, Decor Close Up

More of the past … if you want to see more of George T. Browning house look at the Google Map Street View for more. Probably still occupied when Google did the shooting back in May 2009.

George T. Browning House, Brick Decor

Sad but we must accept the change, nothing can be done anymore – the house is gone.

… And this is after.

George T. Browning House Demolished

George T. Browning Pile of Bricks

On the way from the site I got a special request from Matthew to visit the library. How can I refuse his request? It makes me happy to see him enjoying his visits. Greeting librarians and striking conversation about Superman or Iron Man, playing on the computer, checking out books and DVDs, buying his own treat is his regular routine.

As I sat beside Matthew when he was playing on the computer I remembered about photos I took few months ago from the library window of the George T. Browning house – Somethings That Always Change In Our Library, The Photography Exhibit. Well today not only I noticed that the art exhibit changed but also there was no more George T. Browning house in the window.

From The Library Window

Not To Be Continued.

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