First Major Snowstorm Is Here in Aurora, Dressing Up For The Art

First Major Snowstorm Is Here in Aurora, Dressing Up For The Art

Feb 8, 2013
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It was a long wait for the snow and we finally got it, and it is in February. May be we should call it first Sesquicentennial snow storm. It has been snowing, snowing and snowing all day and it is still snowing. I didn’t come out to shovel the snow in the morning or lunch time. Some of our neighbours did it already twice, or three times by then.

I and Matthew watched the falling snow from each window in our house today. Snow drifts formed on our garage roof and at the entrance. Our BBQ height doubled. We watched neighbours bundled up and shoveling the snow. Few minutes later their tracks were covered.

Neighbour Shoveling Snow, Snowstorm in Aurora, Ontario

We watched neighbours helping each other. A man across the street shoveled his and the neighbour’s driveway for at least one. Then in the afternoon the other neighbour came from work and shoveled both driveways.

Another man, further up the street, shoveled his and his neighbours driveway. The lady arrived on the cleaned driveway then later she came out and shovel both driveways.

A man next door shoveled his driveway and then cleaned up our sidewalk as well.

Later before dinner I came out and I only lasted for 15 minutes. Snow in front of our porch was up to my knees. Snowplow came twice and formed snow pile in front of our driveway at least 24 inches high. We are very blessed to live in such a nice neighborhood where everyone is willing to help – I watched it all day long. Then later when my husband was shoveling the snow, a neighbour with his son helped. May be this is why we never moved, it is not just the house, it is a good neighbour.

Now to change a topic a bit. Here are some pictures that show ‘dressing up for the art’. Last year during SOYRA showcase I took many pictures and not even realizing I took some color to person matching photos.

I think you can figure out for yourself looking at the following three photos, themed with red shades, blue shades and black shades.

Happy Snow Day!

SOYRA 2012, Red Wall, Aurora Cultural Centre, Town of Aurora

SOYRA 2012, Blue Wall, Aurora Cultural Centre, Town of Aurora

SOYRA 2013, Next Room, Aurora Cultural Centre, Town of Aurora

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