Drive Through Town of Aurora Streets, In Black & White For Change

Drive Through Town of Aurora Streets, In Black & White For Change

Jan 19, 2013
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We have been stranded in Aurora, more like in the house. It is not even cold outside, but the influenza got us and since New Year most of the time we have been staying home. Doctor’s visits and x-ray appointments were only things we went out for.

Gabriel’s Cafe, Yonge Street, Aurora Downtown

Aurora United Church, Yonge Street, Town of Aurora, Ontario

We are all good now. Matthew is finishing up his second round of antibiotic. Of all of us he got hit the most that resulted in pneumonia. Last Monday I rushed him to the doctors office as he developed chicken pox like rush. Doctor didn’t agree that it was chicken pox, but he didn’t ruled out.

Apparently, something I didn’t know, but children not supposed to get chicken pox now days because they are vaccinated. But they still do, I have seen it.

Poplar Villa, Yonge Street, Town of Aurora

Sunrise Senior Living, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Today I asked for a drive around Aurora. I needed fresh air and so the rest of us, but we couldn’t keep Matthew in the cold air too much so walk was out of question. Our path was improvised, we didn’t anticipated, just making unexpected turns starting with Yonge Street and heading South.

We took unexpected turn on Brookland Avenue, somehow merged onto Fairway Drive, then to Murray Drive and ended up on Kennedy Street.

Kennedy Street is a interesting street, mixed with old and new houses, and some empty lots.

Well, I already been driving on Kennedy Street few times last summer, but never made a turn on Temperance Street. We did today.

When I met with seniors at the Hollandview Trail Retirement Community I found out that Jean Baker-Pearce once used to live there, and apparently there is a log house hidden inside one of the houses. There is lot of history on this street of which I am not aware of.

Temperance Street, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Temperance Street runs parallel to the Yonge Street that means you get to see the back of all the buildings that face Yonge Street. Interesting views and they do remind me downtown like Toronto.

Temperance Street, Town of Aurora, Ontario

We decided to end our trip when we headed towards Wellington Street. I have seen it before, but never paid attention – the barn. I must return and find out more, or may be someone can share a story.

The Barn, Wellington Street, Town of Aurora

And when I snapped my last picture of the barn someone was really anxious to get home, so we did. Turned North on Yonge Street and headed home, just like the biker.

The Biker, Bossa Nova, Yonge Street, Downtown Aurora

Hope you enjoyed my black and white photography. The day was kind of dark and moody so color photography just didn’t go this time. All these are shots from the car behind the window, so if you see any reflection there and there, no worry no ghost was following us.

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