Doors Open Aurora Cultural Centre Or Doors Closed, And The Motion Is Cultural Shock?

Doors Open Aurora Cultural Centre Or Doors Closed, And The Motion Is Cultural Shock?

Once upon the time and that time was last year when I re-invented my blog and moved from blog-ger to word press-er. I invested all the little time I had and I never even anticipated this return on my investment.

And the return being the increased traffic, growing subscribers list, networking opportunities, interesting photo shoot projects, thank yous, emails, comments and fresh post ideas. My plan worked but little too well.

Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora

The plan shall be the same for another year or so – slow growth. New inspirations, thoughts and post subjects come along unexpected on daily basis and my own list of potential posts is becoming outdated and irrelevant.

Some of you may know that I had an opportunity to visit and photograph SOYRA show at the Aurora Cultural Centre and at the same time I couldn’t resist to photograph the Layers show by students from Sacred Heart.

Layers, Sacred Heart C.H.S Show

I received personal thank you note from Luisa Capelet, Arts Department Head at Sacred Heart C.H.S. for visiting, photographing and blogging about this show. She said:

Your photographic eye is insightful and creative. Some really great photos in your portfolio. I also teach photography and am using the “blog” forum in the classroom. It is such an effective way to encapsulate ideas-words-images as well as evoke responses and reactions. Your blog site serves as a great example.’

Layers, Sacred Heart C.H.S Art Show

I smiled and I wish I could really think the same about me, but I really liked what she said about using ‘blog’. Though I must say that it is not an easy task to maintain blog regularly, so for that I will give myself tap on the shoulder.

She also wrote: ‘My students are really enjoying the Aurora Cultural Centre. It started with them acting as volunteers and since then theyhave been hooked. They felt an immediate connection and were well received. Funny how I randomly see them now and again as guests to art shows and programs.

Our show at the Cultural Centre had many lasting, positive effects on our students. I am grateful that the Centre was able to arrange for us to have some space. From my understanding the room was originally booked for a display that the Historical Society was going to have and when they no longer wanted to use it, it opened up space for us.

It was perfect timing. Many of my students are progressing with art and taking it in post secondary. The experience of showcasing in a gallery will remain as a strong element to their beginning successes in this area. Thank you for visiting our show.

Layers, Sacred Heart C.H.S Art Show

Layers, Sacred Heart C.H.S Art Show

Layers, Sacred Heart C.H.S Art Show

Another great statement this time for the Aurora Cultural Centre.

So the latest and greatest in town – potential motion to terminate the current Agreement between the Aurora Cultural Centre and Town of Aurora.

Aurora Cultural Centre, Aurora

Strings of emails came lately asking me for the support and along a hint to make public aware of the Novita Report or Novita Study (Click on the Strategic and Business Plan for the Aurora Heritage Centre under DELEGATIONS Item 2 to download over 100 pages report).

The report was created by Novita Interpares and was adopted by Council in August 2008.

As result of this study the Agreement came along. The agreement is under jeopardy, and if terminated – ouch I don’t even want to think about it. Doors Closed? I guess, yes doors closed, just like the doors were closed for the museum.

So what did we learn from the museum then? I think we learned how hard is to get back on feet again. Do you think that it will be easy to bring the culture back if doors are slammed just like that. I doubt.

Oh yes I have been asked for help. But that wasn’t in the my blogging plan. My plan is to observe, photograph and write my observations. I rarely state facts because someone already did this job for me. I write my opinions based on the observations I discovered, and I could be wrong too. I write my experiences, and support what I believe.

Okay I cave in to post the link to the Novita Study, but I found pages of interesting stuff there especially when after scanning the report I went back to ACC website and there was no events under Heritage. See what I mean getting back on feet.

Show Case, Aurora Public Library, Aurora

For the Heritage part I have to give credit to Aurora Public Library for presenting the artifacts on regular basis (oh that Helen lady is really doing great job). In the mean time the only Heritage in ACC is the building itself.

Town Hall, Aurora

So I see two aspects in the argument between the two bodies – the cultural aspect and the financial aspect.

No doubt that the cultural aspect is booming at the ACC. No doubt that Town of Aurora pockets are depleting by pouring money to ACC. I am sure that it is in the Councilors best interest to have cultural centre in place they just do not realize that termination of the agreement may bring a cultural shock.

On the other hand if the culture is booming at the ACC then less financial support they should seek from the town. I thought that was always the way of governments, soon as your family makes more money they cut you off the government support.

Something to think about and I just hope we can resolve this issue anytime soon.

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  1. As a long time Aurora resident and fellow WordPress Blogger…..(that always sounds so rude to me.)

    Not sure I fully understand the furor over the Cultural Center. Surely the objective is not to consider shutting it down bur rather to establish better financial accountability. If we’re dealing with public money that’s not too much to ask.

  2. Peter thank you for commenting.
    I am sure that everything will work out on the end to benefit all of us.
    Thanks for linking, I linked back.
    Anna :)

  3. I will have to look into the finer details but I will say that my children have greatly benefitted from the programs that the Aurora Cultural Centre offers. My family has enjoyed numerous exhibits without having to drive into *GASP* Tdot. My daughter adores the fine arts programs offered which is wonderful to have so close to home.

  4. Thanks Valerie. No doubt that ACC is good in our community and even more so for youth.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anna :)