Colorful Aurora Farmers Market, When The Music Plays

Colorful Aurora Farmers Market, When The Music Plays

Oct 2, 2012
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The Taoist Tai Chi presentation in the park on Saturday at the Aurora Farmers Market was another hint that I should be going back soon to my Tai-Chi classes. I guess I got intercepted by flow of the positive energy thus got motivated – and I will be calling my teacher sometimes this week.

The weatherman called for thirty percent chance of rain that day – but not for that morning.

Tai Chi

Taoist Tai Chi Lady

The market is a truly almost prefect place to visit. All we need a homemade lolly-pop stand and then it will be prefect. Kidding aside, we have great community here in Aurora and our weekly market caters everything (lolly pop or no lolly pop), even if it is just meeting your friends.

Just a year ago, I can tell you that we came to the market and spent an average 15-20 minutes – playing with Matthew at the playground and then heading for the popcorn. Because of this blog I met lot of people here in Aurora, just the same way we met lot of neighbours in the past four years on our street because of Matthew.

Matt Maddocks

Matt Maddocks chatting with Diane Buchanan

It was a good day on the farmers market. Chatted a bit with Chris Watts who writes Temporary Sanity blog, then met with Matt and Deb. Briefly was introduced to Diane Buchanan from the Auroran, and on the way home I got to meet John Abel. I recognized few faces in the crowd as well – Councillor John Gallo and Councillor Michael Thompson.

Some of you already know about my little community blog project I started few months ago – the community FOCUS Well so far so good and as anticipated. The content is growing, traffic is picking up and this is because of a few good contributors who regularly write about Aurora, and there will be more.

Note, everyone is welcome to write, anything Aurora related or if you Auroran you can write about Aurora and everything else. This site is great opportunity to be heard in the community.

If you have not met Matt Maddocks on the Aurora Farmers Market at the Town Park, you can meet him at the community FOCUS site. Matt writes regular column Point of Privilege on our community site where he touches on town’s political issues. He has also great appreciation for town’s culture and history.

John Gallo

Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

Music in the park is a must. In my previous post I already wrote how hard it is to leave Aurora Farmers Market when the music plays. And speaking of music Councillor John Abel who also regularly writes can tell you all about amazing talent we have here in Aurora. You can read all about it in his latest post Music Scene in Aurora – Local Talent Showcase.

Town Park Musician

Town Park Musician

Town Park Musician

Town Park Musician

I never fail to take photos of the front door of the former Wells Street Public School even if it is blocked by the Aurora Farmers Market crowds. The school is going to be converted to lofts, one of a kind lofts here in Aurora. In the past I have written few posts about the school as I was allowed to go inside and photograph the building before conversion. I have one more post on the go this month to show you children’s art from the Wells Street school.

However, I am not the only one writing about the new lofts in town. On our community FOCUS blog site, Andrew Fogliato writes regularly on our Lifestyle focus page about real state market in the Town of Aurora. Andrew knows Aurora very well because he grew up here.

I know that some of my readers are not Aurorans, so if you are looking for an exciting place to live, a place like Aurora, Andrew will be the right person to meet and discuss your real state needs.

Former Wells Street Public School

Former Wells Street Public School

What can I say. It was a very eventful day on Saturday.

Young Bystander

A Young Bystander

Leaving Aurora Farmer's Market

Leaving Aurora Farmer’s Market

Click on the first image to view complete gallery of the photos shown below – vegetable accents, creative treats, millions of soaps, tasty popcorn-s, run away popcorn boy and more. Few more weeks and Aurora Farmers Market will be closing for the season. Enjoy.

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