Christmas Tree Collection, Oh What A Shame, Short Life Of The Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Collection, Oh What A Shame, Short Life Of The Christmas Tree

Christmas tree collection notices are out in town. On the town’s site the message is to remove all decorations, nails, tree stands and plastic tree bags.

Ensure that the tree is not buried under the snow because town will not pick it up: ‘Please note that crews are unable to dig out a tree or climb a snow bank to retrieve a tree.‘ Cut the tree into pieces if necessary.

Christmas Tree Collection

Every year in Canada millions of trees are cut down to be displayed for Christmas in our houses. It is such a shame that we take away a full grown tree away from the nature for that purpose. We put the Christmas tree on life support for three weeks. We hang extra decoration weight.

If I had a choice to be a tree no matter how prestige my purpose was – I would never want to be a Christmas tree. It just seems such a waste to grow a beautiful full size tree just for that purpose.

Evergreen Trees, Hamilton Park

I don’t meant to be a Grinch or a Scrooge. We have Christmas tree at home but artificial one. We all can have that option and the tree can be beautiful as the real one. You will save yourself money in the long run plus more.

Then there is the environmental benefit in the long run. Evergreen trees improve air quality. Trees evolved to remove CO2 from the atmosphere thus they are also good at removing pollutants.

In addition … ‘Tree canopies intercept and capture rainfall, reducing the amount that reaches the ground. In urban and suburban settings, a single deciduous tree can intercept between 500 and 760 gallons per year, while a mature evergreen can intercept over 4,000 per year.‘ – Source.

Wouldn’t be just good to have the evergreen tree seedling planted on your lawn and every Christmas to decorate a bit.

A Decorated Tree, Rush Road, Aurora

It is not like you go to the forest and cut down your own tree. I am sure you already know that all the evergreen trees are farmed, but did you know that all the farmed evergreen trees are also treated with pesticides?

You know that if you bite an apple and there is no worm, the apple tree has been sprayed. If you brought home a Christmas tree and you haven’t found any bugs in your house, most likely the tree farm is using pesticides to remove all the insects off the tree before they get to your house.

After tree is removed from your home it is recycled and back to the soil, with what, of course with the pesticide.

It is not that hard to figure out that I am hinting for the artificial Christmas tree option. It is all in your hands. Above are some of the hints I presented and I am sure someone may argue back why real Christmas tree is much more environmentally friendly. Believe me, I already did my research in that area too, but still I think that the artificial tree for holiday season is a better option. In the long run its $50 or $100 in your pocket. Think about it.

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  1. I agree, growing a tree for 20 years only to kill it and use its corpse for a month is terribly wasteful. Plus the pesticides, good point! We use an artificial tree too. We have three or four, including aluminum ones from the 1950s.