Chores at the Town Hall, Skylight Gallery On The List Always

Chores at the Town Hall, Skylight Gallery On The List Always

Nov 11, 2011
The unexpected comes and goes. I worry for days, then everything goes back to normal and I am greeted by a brand new day. Blogging is the last thing I want to think about when there are worries filling up my head. I tend to read a lot. I don’t want to have my own thoughts, I prefer thoughts of others – but it is all good now.

Out the door today, into the cold windy autumn. We had few chores to do at the Aurora Town Hall. First we exchanged our broken blue box with a new blue box, and a bit taller one. Now that the Toronto Star stopped dropping free newspapers I will not be able to fill up this box to the top until the next promotion, but this is a good thing. I will write about that in later posts.

Then we dropped by the tax department.

Matthew will be starting school next year. I guess it is time to look for schools. Our preference is the Catholic school and hopefully we can get him into French Immersion. So the rumor is that in order to get into Catholic school I need to support Catholic schools. I got my Property Assessment Notice and who new back then 14 years ago what to pick or they just picked it for us – I am supporting the English-Public. We will fix that soon. Got my forms.

Then another rumor I heard is that your taxes are higher if you support Catholic or Separate schools versus Public. The lady at the tax department re-assured me that there is no difference.

The last thing was you got to visit Skylight gallery if you already there. So we took the elevator up to the third floor.

We got there and first thing Matthew says to me: ‘Where are the big apples?‘. I replied ‘oh the pictures change every month, they are gone for now, and I am sure you remember the bicycle too‘.

I am also always impressed how much nicer the gallery is when the sky is overcast.

I learned later that the gallery was showcasing two artists, Nenad Miric and Zorica Miric. I knew there was something interesting about this display, at least two different styles. We were rushing as we wanted to stop by the War Memorial, so I snapped few pictures.

Skylight Gallery, Town of Aurora

According to the Town of Aurora website: Nenad’s paintings are realistic concepts with a nostalgic sense of fading memories of dear places. His paintings have preserved the best moments, places and people. He continuously tries to sustain the past and cherish life’s enchanting beauty.

On the other hand: Zorica’s interest in painting is to preserve some of her favourite flowers and bring inside the fresh colours of summer.Ultimately, I paint, experiment and create for the pure joy of it. It is an endless process with endless results and unlimited new forms of expression.’ – she says.

Skylight Gallery, Town of Aurora

As always I encourage everyone when you at the Town Hall to hop on the elevator and see the Skylight Gallery.

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  1. Ah, you’re a worrywart! 99 percent of the things you worry about never happen. It’s that 1 percent that really bites. ;-)

    Yes, I prefer taking photos on overcast days, the light is much more even.

    Good for you, keeping Matthew out of the public schools. Ick.

  2. I know I know, but I always been the worrywart, lol.
    Anna :)