Chilling At The Aurora Farmers Market To No Music

Chilling At The Aurora Farmers Market To No Music

Aug 17, 2013
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Today is another day at the Aurora Farmers Market. However, let me go back to the last weekend’s event. I found this chilling man on the ground. Chilling in the shade on the grass. How interesting, just like that – chilling in the shade.

Chilling, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

Chilling, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

Recently I slowed down going to farmers market. I overloaded my system with recent music festivals and events. But I would love to hear more music at the market. Apparently someone is performing today, but this is because Doors Open will be happening.

Few weeks ago I visited St. Jacob’s Farmers Market. I will not compare because that farmers market is massive. But I will tell you that they have young musicians as young as ten year old boys or girls who play in different parts of the market. Yes different parts, because market is big. Sometimes I drop by Newmarket Fairy Lake events and on each event there is always someone playing music. Will this happen in Aurora Farmers Market anytime soon? Who knows?

A bit of music is healthy for the chilling, shopping and hovering people.

As I was passing by vendors and taking candid pictures I was stopped by the owner of the bakery booth. Interesting enough I don’t wear any badge but everyone assumes automatically I am from media. Am I? I think I am more medium. I am in between. I am more with the people. This is not business site. Just a site where I write about Aurora for the people from Aurora and outside.

Tuscan Bread, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

Tuscan Bread, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

The man who stopped me, Joe was his name and he owns the Toscana Bakery & Cafe bakery in Aurora. I saw the Toscana booth many times but this time I got to meet and to know more about Joe. We had interesting conversation.

Not going into details of our conversation what I liked about Joe was that he put his employees first. He wasn’t interested taking picture of himself but more of his employees. Not even his baked goods.

We all know that when there are no people to make bread, there is no bread. That is why it is absolutely necessary to treat employees well and Joe does great and genuine job. I must say very intriguing encounter that was.

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  1. Joe’s a great guy. I’ve watched him work at his cafe/bakery and it’s a pleasure to know this honest, funny, hard-working, caring man.

    Anna, keep up the great work documenting the day-to-day life of Aurorans.