Brave Runner On The Boardwalk, Do I See Naked?

Brave Runner On The Boardwalk, Do I See Naked?

Sep 6, 2011
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No he was not running naked, but definitely he had bare feet while running.

Not So Naked Runner

Yesterday we were at the Nokiidaa Trail Link boardwalk just before lunch. It got suddenly unusually loud. There he was – a runner with bare naked feet. He definitely made a lot of noise on the wooden boardwalk.

We chuckled but I couldn’t resist and I pointed my camera towards the runner’s feet. The man beside me passed by and he was trying to hide a smile on his face.

Couple of days I attempted to come outside on the grass with bare feet, but I stopped myself. I recalled my teenager days and how many hornet bites I used to get every summer when I used to run around with bare feet.

Well, it seems like we have a new form of running exercise in Aurora or may be he was from Newmarket. Nothing against the runner. I think he was brave, but I thought it was funny, and little wacky.

Okay may be little wacky, but then I am curious …

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  1. I bet he was a Newfie. ;-)