Beehives, You Will Not Find Them ON Town Facilities

Beehives, You Will Not Find Them ON Town Facilities

Mar 4, 2012
I had to giggle. It was proposed and then defeated back in January. From the environmental perspective I think that was a very interesting proposal, that is to implement an initiative to place beehives on the roofs of municipal facilities.

Well, there is a reason for everything and there must have been one for David Tomlinson’s motion to place beehives on top of the town building.

I had to find reason for that motion, so I started to search. I searched, and searched and still am searching. The Auroran reported as well that there wasn’t a good reason for that. But we do know that honey bee population is declining, thus maybe David’s motion. I must agree that there are risks placing them on top of the building, not just the town building but any building in Aurora.

Beehives on Bayview Street, Aurora

On the other hand, I once read news released by the Toronto star about honey bee queens being blocked at the border. It was interesting to know that honey bees (queens) are being imported in Canada, especially in Alberta.

Alberta imports about 60,000 queens a year, at about $20 to $23 each. Queens lay between 1,500 to 2,000 eggs a day, so any delays have a “huge domino effect” … Source: Toronto Star Article

And it was interesting to know that the queens are imported to pollinate hybrid canola plant. Oh that is just slavery, especially knowing that canola oil is not good for anyone.

Of the 240,000 colonies in Alberta, about 60,000 are contracted out for hybrid canola seed production, he said. Renting a colony costs between $120 to $150 for a summer, he said. Once the seed is planted the wind takes care of pollination.‘ Source: Toronto Star Article

Want to know if we have beehives in Aurora? Just drive South on Bayview Street pass Wellington, on the East side. I always saw in my peripheral vision these white boxes when driving by until one day I stopped and realized they were beehives. Sooner or later I will find out more.

Community Fisheries, Just A Sign Beside The Beehives

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  1. Nope, bees don’t belong on public property.

  2. :) that is what I thought.
    Anna :)

  3. Interesting subject Anna.
    When I was visiting in California last year,specifically the San Joaquin valley, I was educated during the blossom time about the bees in the field. They were “rented.” It was a shocking discovery for me to find out how far these bees had travelled-virtually across the united states. Their owners follow the blossom trail – so to speak. I felt sorry for these bees in a way. They were working hard – then packed up- then back on the truck. No wonder they are in declining numbers.

  4. Lorraine, the bees and the hummingbirds too. Nature amazes me everyday.
    Thank you for sharing this story, kind of sad that it has to come to renting bees.
    Anna :)