Aurora Strategic Plan, Focus On How, Less On What, Hint Do Heritage Retrofits

Aurora Strategic Plan, Focus On How, Less On What, Hint Do Heritage Retrofits

Sometimes it is easier to start from scratch rather to continue with the existing system. In my mind I think we as the community really need to focus how we are going to make our Aurora a better place to live in the next 20 years and it is up to the town to lead the project and provide us with the results of the strategic plan that is going to be implemented.

The idea of the strategic plan is a wonderful idea. Too many ideas for the strategic plan are not. It is easy to say we want this and that, but how we to do it is the hardest job.

Hillary House, Aurora

I wrote this post couple of weeks ago, Sheppard House Green Face Lift, Home To Windfall Ecology Centre. Let me talk about this again in the Aurora Strategic plan context. The Sheppard House is one of the heritage houses in Aurora and currently is undergoing a heritage retrofit program to reduce its energy consumption by about 75% while preserving its heritage aspect. The project is led by the Windfall Ecology Centre, the environmental non profit organization who is also residing in the Sheppard House.

I have educated myself more on their heritage retrofit program reading this excellent detailed 25 page assembled Guidebook.

On the side note, in this guidebook in addition to the Sheppard House photo (the model work), there is a photo of the Hillary House, a primary suspect for my recommendation.

Hillary House, Aurora

Aurora has a very rich history that needs preservation and regular maintenance. Aurora needs to fully engage the mentioned above heritage retrofit program. This item is a must for the Aurora strategic plan.

The recent two sad stories hovering in the town, the George Browning house potential demolition plan (a must read post 100 Watts : The George T. Browning House by Chris Watts) and Hillary House potential six hundred thousand refurbishment costs. The Hillary House was a total surprise to me. I hope these numbers are not just guess-estimated.

Hillary House, Aurora

Well, the strategic plan does not starts tomorrow. We must think about it now. Unfortunately, this written now will be yesterday’s now, and we are already a day behind.

Not sure if the George Browning house has a future, unless it is relocated but then the true heritage aspect will be broken. However, the heritage retrofit program would be excellent for Hillary House. But then would that be an additional cost to the six hundred thousand? Something I don’t know.

You can read the guidebook document yourself because underlines lot of excellent environmental benefits, not to mention the key message – it will preserve and conserve. Technologies are available and program is available. It may be experimental but I believe it is doable.

Hillary House, Aurora

So going back to the beginning of this post. It is always easy to start something from scratch, but of course if there is nothing in place. However, if we do have something in place such as heritage building and we up to for demolition (example Browning House), we often forget to think about or completely ignore the fact how much energy and resources it takes to demolish the old and build new standing structure.

Now we have an option, the retrofit program. It is now or tomorrow up to Town of Aurora to engage and may be offer additional incentives to the heritage building owners to drive the encouragement.

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