Aurora Cenotaph 2012, Remembering 1944 & 1945 Remembrance Days

Aurora Cenotaph 2012, Remembering 1944 & 1945 Remembrance Days

History notes today …

The Aurora Cenotaph (located at the Aurora War Memorial and Peace Park), Aurora only’s memorial tower built in 1925 which stands 73 feet high, recognizes the local soldiers from Aurora, King and Whitchurch (Ontario) who served and fell (77 local men) in the Great War. The Altar of Sacrifice located at the base of the Cenotaph was dedicated 1960 to those who died (55 local men) in World War II.

The Cenotaph is constructed on the land once owned by the millitary leader William Graham. William Graham fought in the American Revolution and in the War 1812.

Aurora Cenotaph, Town of Aurora, Ontario

1944 Remembrance Day, Town of Aurora, Ontario


“Remembrance Day will be celebrated in Aurora on Saturday with a parade to the Aurora War Memorial where a brief service will be held, The parade, consisting of a detachment from No. 23 B.T.C, under Lieut. F. J. White, C.W.A.C. personnel, war veterans, Aurora fire brigade, Boy Scouts and school children, will fall in at the town park at 9.45 a.m.

The parade will leave at 10.15 and will travel to the cenotaph by way of Wells, Wellington and Yonge Sts. Hon W. P. Mulock will take the salute in front of the post office. Wreaths will be laid by the municipalities of Aurora, King and Whitchurch, as well as lodges and schools.”

Aurora Cenotaph, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Remembrance Day 1945, Town of Aurora, Ontario


“On Sunday, Nov. 11, war veterans of both wars will honor the memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice. At 10.30 a.m. wreaths will be placed at the cenotaph on behalf of the town of Aurora, province of Ontario, Aurora war veterans and by any other organizations so desiring.

At the same hour, veterans will fall in on Mosley St. opposite the Aurora United church and proceed to Aurora United church for divine service. The parade will be seated in the church by 10.50 a.m. when the service will begin.

At 11 a.m. two minutes silence will be observed, with Last Post and Reveille being sounded. A wreath will be placed in the church by representatives of the three armed services.

Following the service, the parade will form on Mosley St. and will parade north on Yonge St. to Wellington St., south on Vicotria St. to Mosley St., and along Mosley St. to the town hall. Mayor Ross Linton will take the salute in front of the post office.

President George Duffield and the executive of the Aurora War Veterans Association request as many veterans and servicemen as possible to be present. The regulation uniform sanctioned by the D.O.C. of M.D. 2 for World War II veterans, and berets, medals, armbands, will be worn by the last war veterans.”

Aurora Cenotaph, Town of Aurora, Ontario

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  1. Nice post. I missed the War Memorial Today in Aurora. Although I did go past the National Rememberance Day Ceremony here in Ottawa (did not attend due to the heavy rain experienced). Instead, we visited the War Museum. A lot of vets were there as well to see the ceremony on television and to let the children know what they went through in the display areas.

    One of the things that sticks out to me in your photos of the Aurora Memorial are the last names: “Willis”, “Davis” & “Cousins” to be precise. These are names of streets in Aurora (Willis is off of Seaton Drive in the Regency Acres area, Davis off of Murray Drive and Cousins off of Yonge Street near the Esso Station). I think the next street should be named “Brown” as I noticed at least 3 veterans named “Brown”.

  2. Michael, I hope you are enjoying living in Ottawa. We miss you here in Aurora.

    Thanks for the tip, and that gives me an idea for the post :) and some photo shooting as well.

    We were not able to attend the ceremony, but it may be possible next year.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Anna :)