Aurora Art Show 2013 at the Town Hall, A Lovely Evening Expressed

Aurora Art Show 2013 at the Town Hall, A Lovely Evening Expressed

May 5, 2013
I was invited to the reception and award presentation evening at the Aurora Art show last Friday (May 3rd, 2013). Another exceptional collection of unique and intriguing art on display that filled all three floors of our Town Hall.

Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

Great snack food & drinks and great choice of live music performed by Andy De Campos. Most of all great people who made this lovely event alive that evening.

The more I attended such events, more and more I feel like I am now connected with people in our community. I met and keep meeting many great people along my photographic blogging journey. I also owe big time our Aurora community for allowing me to explore and teach me how to appreciate how important is to be part of the community.

Nancy Newman, Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

Mayor of Aurora, Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

I am learning. An art is a form of expression, and not just a painting or a photograph. An expression of feelings, moods and moments. We all express ourselves in a different, unique and original way and that evening was filled with all that.

I will repeat, we all express our selves in different way. Some through words and some through painting or playing a guitar or singing.

Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

I now recall how Matthew felt going to JK. He was so happy to go to school but once he realized that I will not be with him in school his mood changed. He used to bring his artwork home and all it was a big black blob.

When he painted at home – there were rainbows, birthday cakes, people, carrots and many other colorful objects. He still misses me and asks for home school but he matured a lot since the first day of school. I see much more color in his school work, more rainbow colors.

Every art created has meaning, some express symbolically via abstract and some tell us directly that today is a beautiful day with a blue sky on the horizon.

I posted more photos on Facebook – Aurora Art Show in Black & White and Aurora Art Show 2013 in Color.

Feel free to follow or to be my friend on Facebook and thank you to Nancy Newman for a special invitation.

Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

Andy De Campos, Aurora Art Show, Town Hall

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  1. I visited on Saturday and was amazed at the talent in York Region. I’d love to hang so many of the artists’ beautiful creations on my own walls. Three floors worth too!

  2. Oh, how I miss shooting black and white! I don’t do it anymore because it annoys my darling wife (we share a camera). But if I shot more with my own camera, I would shoot b/w all the time.