Art At The Manor 2013, Put Your Creativity To Test

Art At The Manor 2013, Put Your Creativity To Test

Jan 10, 2013
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So I heard – Art at the Manor 2013, an upcoming opportunity for artists of all mediums, an opportunity for expression. So I got an idea. Perhaps this may be a good time that I try something new with my photography just here on my blog while talking about this great opportunity.

I have seen it others do it, but I didn’t want to break the rule for my photo journal blog. Digital art is fun, I have done it before and since I don’t know how to use a real paint brush, I still have the opportunity to mess with the pixels on the screen.

Hillary House, National Historic Site, A Sketch

Well, if you an artist and love the challenge – Art at the Manor 2013 presented by the Aurora Historical Society is just for you (check the their website for more details). I got excited about the range of categories included (Oils & Acrylics, Textile, Watercolour, Encaustic, Drawing/Illustration, Printmaking, Photography, Time-Based/Video, Digital Media, Mixed Media, Sculpture etc).

A real fun project to be involve in. Unfortunately, timing for me didn’t work out this year as we have been battling flu season and poor Matthew ended up with pneumonia this time. I am also getting more web development projects to work on and more photo projects around the town.

However, it is not too late for you to get involve, and let me tell you – you don’t have to be an artist. This is a great opportunity to test your creativity and evolve. We all have it somewhere hidden and at some point we should let out to the surface.

Hillary House, Barn, National Historic Site, Town of Aurora

Well, here are some of my digital enhancements – Hillary House converted to a digital sketch and the barn turned to black and white and playing with contrast. I kind of like that idea so I think I may try to introduce a bit of that type of art here on my blog.

Sometimes I feel like I photographed everything in Aurora, but that is only feeling, because I have not seen everything yet. I have a feeling that my photo journey will be taking forever here. Window of opportunities – endless.

Window, Town Park, Town of Aurora

Well, hope you liked the window above. I let you guess which building this window belongs to. Small clue – taken at the Town Park.

Perhaps this is a great opportunity to mention the Hillary House Ball event that happened back in the October. I think I never mentioned it here yet, but I had an opportunity to showcase some of my photography – a big panel photos, about 10 of them, were displayed at the event at the DiNardo’s The Mansion.

However, I would like to give a credit to the person who took time to present them. Whoever did it was brilliant. Note the window photo and the door of the Hillary House behind stage where the band played. I recall just staring at it. It was a neat idea because of the size of the photo it felt like someone could easily walk in or walk out through that door, or peek through the window. Well done.

Hillary House Ball, Photo Panels, October 2012

Hillary House, Panel Photo, Fall, National Historic Site, Town of Aurora

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