An Earthquake Rattled Ontario & Aurora Again, It’s A Beautiful Morning Somewhere

An Earthquake Rattled Ontario & Aurora Again, It’s A Beautiful Morning Somewhere

May 17, 2013
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Yes we had an earthquake in Ontario. I have been tracking and usually we have one per year. I am starting to loose numbers of how many I have experienced in the past. This seems like a regular event now, at least once a year.

I remember my first one during early years working for someone else in Bolton, Ontario. My whole desk and computer monitor shook in front of me and I didn’t even know that that was the earthquake.

Merlin’s Hollow Garden, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Today later in the day from the news I heard that there were two in Ontario, one at 9:43 am at 5.1 (originated from Quebec) and ten minutes later another one at much smaller scale.

I experienced the earlier one. I was standing and sorting through my CD cabinet when suddenly the house became noisy but not normal noisy. Also Matthew’s birthday left over balloons were moving around, making interesting noise and that felt creepy. I guess the wave was strong enough to actually disturb the balloon weights.

I went to the kitchen and the chandelier was still moving and there was no wind in the house. Conclusion then – that must have been an earthquake and I was right.

I also experienced something else today.

Today was a beautiful morning. I arrived Newmarket downtown at ten o’clock for the Tai Chi class. Interesting enough soon as I arrived the Newmarket downtown I was greeted with ‘Good Morning‘ from a total stranger and as I passed a man sitting on the bench who was warming up in the sun said to me ‘It’s a beautiful morning‘. ‘Yes in deed, it is‘ – I replied.

I thought of something later, this is the downtown our town Aurora needs.

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  1. Regarding “this is the downtown our town Aurora needs” .. I’ve been in Aurora since the 60’s and I’m resigned to Aurora’s downtown never being meaningfully “transformed”. Renewal plans have come and gone time and again. There’s always enough old stick-in-the-mud “things are fine the way they are” and unimaginative “the lack of parking will doom any efforts” types of lethargy .. coupled with mercilessly negative political-ego-strutting .. to make ensure nothing progressive ever happens regarding this town’s downtown. As long as egos, cliques and in-fighting lives on in our local government .. well. I’m sure you all know that refrain .. too bad its true!