A Walk Downtown Aurora, Second Mural Discovered

A Walk Downtown Aurora, Second Mural Discovered

Aug 30, 2011
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We discovered second mural that can be seen when travelling North on Yonge Street, West side. We spotted the artwork on our way to pick up a book at The Auroran office located in the old post office on Yonge Street. I thought that the Larter mural on the intersection of Yonge Street and Wellington Street was the only one. Obviously not.

Both murals are really nice addition to the downtown core of Aurora. There were some rumors that the Larter mural supposed to be replaced with other mural. Will that happen anytime soon? We don’t know.

Discovered Mural

As we walked from the Aurora Library parking we never reached the intersection of Yonge Street and Wellington Street. However, we enjoyed some really nice downtown architecture and paint work.

Downtown Aurora, Yonge Street

A new building is emerging, and it is nice to see that the architecture will be in line with the downtown buildings. Okay, this one is a little taller. Is this a recent trend? I think so. If ever space permitted beside this new building, I bet it would be much taller.

New Downtown

Other Side

Our walk that day reminded me other downtown places I visited in Greece, Italy and Germany in the past. I cannot say it was better or worst, but definitely had the same feel. Unfortunately, no gift shop in our downtown of Aurora. Well the era of printed postcards is fading away.

Downtown Aurora

Downtown Aurora

We been regular visitors to the Aurora Public Library now. I cannot emphasize again how fortunate we are to have this great resource in our town.

Aurora Public Library

That day the library flags were half mast paying respect to former NDP leader Jack Layton (August 23, 2011).

And some things are built to last, Aurora United Church.

Aurora United Church

We come a long way, from a street car to this blue colored Viva bus. One day we are planning to take this bus around, just for fun.

Viva Bus

Mosley Street, Aurora

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