A Bit Of Museum & History At The Aurora Farmers Market

A Bit Of Museum & History At The Aurora Farmers Market

Meeting The Cracklin’ Kettle Corn gang and having popcorn for the first time this year I thought that was enough excitement for us for the day – speaking of last Saturday.

We were heading home. As we passed by A Step In Time booth I had my feet ready to run. David Heard was after me. Okay, what did I do now? All I did I just had popcorn.

A Step In Time, Aurora Farmers Market, Town Park

No worries it was happy ending, he just wanted his picture I took of him and posted on my blog. Wow, almost a year passed, last June, since I actually spoke to him.

David Heard, Aurora Farmers Market 2012, Town Park

We had nice history chat especially about the Aurora pet cemetery. He had some interesting facts and he also mentioned that the builder is going to preserve the site. That is a very good news.

Sawing Machine, A Step In Time Booth

Another good news I have for you is that David is probably the only person in Aurora that sells Aurora postcards. Since he is heavily into Aurora history his postcards are from the past.

Postcards are diminishing because of the digital technology. One day postcards will be rare and the world without postcard will not be the same – just my thought. I actually have small European collection hiding in the closet and holding strong.

A Step In Time Booth, Artifacts, Aurora Farmers Market

Before I move on to something else I have one more comment about David’s booth. In addition to everything else about Aurora, David also has small display of artifacts.

Not sure if we ever will get museum back, so if you are interested in the Aurora history there are few places in town where you can find museum artifacts – at David’s booth of course; at the Aurora Public Library often; at the Hillary House for sure and if I am not mistaken St. Andrew’s College has something on display as well.

The photo above shows display from last Saturday. I wish I was paying more attention to remember anything about the display. Well, it is an old sawing machine for sure.

David Heard, A Step In Time, Aurora Farmers Market 2012, Town Park

I guess after getting to know David more and his friend – they posed for the picture. Now I will have to really hide to get my candid photo shots.

David's Friend, A Step In Time, Aurora Farmers Market 2012, Town Park

Speaking of postcards there is one more postcard available at the Aurora Farmers Market. It is special postcard because photograph used to create this advertising postcard was taken by me and I got a very generous name credit on the front page.

Former Wells Street Public School, View From Town Park, Aurora

If you have not seen it yet you can pick one up at the Aurora Farmers Market, the information booth. The website for Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts is now published as well and you can register for more information.

Wells Street Public School, A View From Town Park

Lastly, as I was viewing my photos from the market I also found interesting subject to talk about in the future. I will be investigating further because I found connection to my past. Stay tuned.

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