Eastern Kingbird

Nokiidaa Trail & Arboretum, Aurora


The Eastern Kingbird, Tyrannus tyrannus, is a large Tyrant flycatcher. Adults are grey-black on the upperparts with light underparts; they have a long black tail with a white end and long pointed wings. They have a red patch on their crown, seldom seen. They are of average size for a kingbird, at 19–23 cm (7.5–9 in), 33–38 cm (13–15 in) across the wings and weighing 33-55 g (1.2-1.9 oz).[1] The call is a high-pitched, buzzing and unmusical chirp, frequently compared to an electric fence.[2] Their breeding habitat is open areas across North America. They make a sturdy cup nest in a tree or shrub, sometimes on top of a stump or pole. These birds aggressively defend their territory, even against much larger birds.[3] These birds migrate in flocks to South America.

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