Somethings That Always Change In Our Library, The Photography Exhibit

Somethings That Always Change In Our Library, The Photography Exhibit

Jan 21, 2012
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It was my third attempt this month to take photo of the photography exhibit at our library. First time Matthew needed more attention, second time I forgot my camera and third time there were too many people hovering around.

I am assuming that wasn’t just the cold weather that brought people to the library on that day.

I was told that I can take pictures as long as there are no people on them. So last Thursday I followed the rules and my photographic mission was not accomplished. May be one day I will ask for the photo shoot permission pass or may be it is more fun to be a silent observer.

No photos of the exhibit. Then let me just talk about it. Helen did it again. I wonder if she is trying to tease me as it is my favorite subject.

In addition to amazing display of the photography books I was amazed to see old, I mean very old cameras. It is interesting to see how photographic technology changed since then. I must say a lot. Looking at the collection of old leather bound rectangular boxes with lenses in them is hard to compare to what we have today and much better. One point in time those rectangular boxes were valuable to the photographers as digital cameras are now.

Across Yonge Street, View from APL, Aurora

The very first camera’s will always have historical value. Any digital camera you own these days will only have recyclable value. The camera technology changes too fast to have any historical value. It is always the first invention that counts.

We still don’t have active museum in Aurora, but I am glad that some artifacts are being displayed. Something is always better than nothing. I have not been inside the Aurora Cultural Centre yet, but why not have showcase there as well – it does not have to be all about art. And may be some at the Aurora Town Hall – hallways are spacious enough to accommodate a similar display as in library.

That day I allowed Matthew to play on the computer with children’s activities. I myself couldn’t resist to snap pictures of the winter weather at the Yonge Street and the George Browning house framed by Aurora library walls. It is a shame that there will be no George Browning house one day.

George Browning House from APL, Aurora

There was something else I wanted to look at. Unfortunately I arrived late. The second floor opposite to the elevator has a wall that displays art. In the past a colorful collection of paintings always caught my eye, yet I never made to the other side to look at it closely. Every painting was different yet had the same theme, same kind of selection of colors.

Art Display, Inside APL, Aurora

Well that was gone too. New display is interesting one, but I couldn’t figure out if it belonged to one artist or many artists.

On the side note, I do take books out to read but while I am in the library I like to look around. Last time I actually used the self serve check out and I concluded that I am just too slow.

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