Meeting The Auroran’s New Employee, Newspaper At Your Door

Meeting The Auroran’s New Employee, Newspaper At Your Door

Apr 9, 2012
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Few changes in our town last week. The George W. Browning house was demolished – that was one and I am sure we will be reading about it in our local newspaper, The Auroran, this week. The York Region already released news online at the beginning of last week, but they were one day ahead.

The Auroran, At Your Door

Speaking of another change.

She showed up at our door last Thursday, no no not the change – the girl. Matthew spotted her through the window so he started to wave at her. We thought she was waiting for something. When we opened the door her face was smiling at us and smudged with red and black ink. She placed gently The Auroran newspaper at our door step. She was The Auroran employee who delivered our local newspaper that day.

That day I also noticed The Auroran newspaper in few places around the town.

So the change is that we will not be getting The Auroran in the mail anymore, just door-to-door. I think this is a great initiative in our community that encourages youth to work, to create a sense of responsibility.

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