Nokiidaa Trail Link, How Do You Know That You Are At The Newmarket Trail?

Nokiidaa Trail Link, How Do You Know That You Are At The Newmarket Trail?

Jul 8, 2011
As far as I can notice, people are really enjoying the new Nokiidaa Trail Link in Aurora accessible from St. John’s sideroad. The wildlife is sprouting and so does the population of us Aurorans and Newmarket-oans. Every age group so far.

Female Red-Wing Black Bird Who Just Swallowed Her Dinner

Now, you have entered the trail linke, walked curvy gravel road, then reached the boardwalk, then ended up again on the curvy road and finally reached the bridge. The bridge is actually the border between the Aurora and Newmarket. But, but how would you know that?

Newmarket Light Post

Well, when you have crossed the bridge, suddenly you stepped on the paved trail and when you looked up you saw the typical Newmarket blue light post. What a difference? It almost feels like here in Aurora we don’t have any money. I felt like that for few seconds, but then I looked back. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. The statement is so true.

Even paved trail and lights do not compare of what we have on our side. The wooden boardwalk is a treasure. The wetland, the water reservoir are more to add. The dead trees that add so much character. Last to mention the wildlife around us – animals, birds and insects.

Juvenile Cedar Waxwing Calling Out

On our last visit I could not believe the population of birds, especially the Cedar Waxwings. Lot of juveniles flying around. They must be, because they seemed to be more curious around people. They perch close and look.

Canada Geese with the young ones, but not so young ones anymore is another high population bird. The nesting killdeers that nests just on the side of the trail, don’t seem to care. They do if you get closer to their nest, so please if you hear them making lot of noise, just keep going. Note I have a long lens so I was able to take photo of the nesting killdeer, otherwise, I would not entered their territory.

Nesting Killdeer

Like every bird they are protective of their nests. I have experienced that with Canada Geese and Red-Wing Black Birds because they built their nests closer to the walking path. As long you respect their territory, they will respect yours.

Giant Foot Prints Near Water Reservoir

I started with criticism of our side of the boardwalk, but now I have questions for Newmarket side. Why would you want to put extra lights around the bridge on the Newmarket side?

Firstly, when it is dark, I would never entered the property. Especially when you see big foot prints on the ground. I just hope that someone owns a really big dog and have him on the leash. Lights encourage more people to hang out in those areas at night. For some it is even good to sneak out to create graffitis. Then lastly I hope that the Newmarket lights are LED lights, otherwise, waste of electricity use.

Note that all above images were taken around 8 pm that day.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. Hi Anna. You sure were busy with your blog through the summer. I’ve just got back to mine after being distracted through the summer with canoe-tripping up north. I’ve just gotten around to catching-up on reading some of your blog entries. I found it humorous that we were both struck by those imposing blue lamp-posts alongside the Newmarket part of the trail. I wonder how bright they actually are? And .. I’m really envious of your bird photos!

  2. Hi Barry, it is good to see you back blogging.
    Yes the summer kept me busy, so much to see and so much to write about.
    Images and our little adventures around the town always give me good ideas what to write next.
    Well, here or there, as long you had fun – canoe sounds like fun, but I would never do it (secret: cannot swim and rivers scare me, lol).
    You know I never venture out there at night, lol, may be you could be the first, lol, to see those blue Newmarket lights shine?
    Thanks again for nice comment.
    Hey I thought that you had telescopic lens too, will you take them out?
    Now in the fall when leaves will be gone you probably can spot more birds.
    Anna :)