Chain Reaction, How Wacky Is That?

Chain Reaction, How Wacky Is That?

Jun 25, 2011
We have a little bunny on our backyard. I see him all the time. They grow so fast, so everyday I take some photos of him. Today I came out with my camera, and thought I will get clear picture and nice close up. Shooting through the windows is okay, but I have less flexibility.

The Bunny Rabbit

I quietly opened the sliding patio door, then the screen. I stepped two steps and then …

The rabbit ran away, literally jumped into the bush against the fence. Next, all I heard was loud chipmunk noise and then I saw him running out from the same bush. As he was running out, he created lot of bush movement that scared the American Robin who was enjoying himself on the fence post.

Zoom-Zoom Chipmunk

How wacky is that? Never mind what a coincidence – bunny ran into the chipmunk, and chipmunk scared the bird. I will leave what bird did to your imagination.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. The bird…er…left you little present you did not like?

  2. Lol, Michael, all the time. My car is bombed.
    Anna :)