Bear Sighting, Aurora Issues Bear Warning

Bear Sighting, Aurora Issues Bear Warning

May 9, 2011
This morning I was reading The Banner, and found a little article that bears are back in Aurora around Bathrust Street and Handerson Drive. Okay that is still far from the area where I live, but because couple years ago they were found around Wellington Street, today I went out for our daily trip with a little fear on my back.

Well after tonight’s news on CP24 about the bear sighting (not just one, but two), and additional news from Town of Aurora website, Bear sightings in Aurora: Town cautions residents, and news from York Region Aurora issues bear warning, I may have to learn more about bears. It would be nice to photograph them, but no thanks.

Upon request we walked the Arboretum path from St. John’s sideroad and Industrial Parkway. I say upon request, because my three year old knows that the trail leads to the playground.

It was a beautiful day today, not just for us, but for all the birds. I saw at least 10 species of birds, and no bears (phew). Afternoon bright light is not the best for photographing birds, and sometimes I hate to adjust settings because lets face it, birds like to fly. However, if you don’t chase them, they will come to you. No real close up shots, but these photos should show you where each specie likes to hang out.

Eastern Kingbirds are definitely back. They can be easily mistaken for the Tree Swallow, but once you see them perching, definitely nice bird to observe. They also like to perch on the wire fences.

Eastern Kingbird

I think this year exceptionally many more Red-Wing Black Birds. I have so many photos of them, but this one was definitely calling for attention.

Red-Wing Black Bird

Oh these were always my favorite little birds – the Tree Swallows. They were flying every where, I had to follow their flying path to find where they land. Later in the walk I found one Tree Swallow going into the house, small corner. It looked like a nest, but when I zoomed it was a destroyed nest. What a terrible act to do? Well some people don’t like the nests, I guess. Growing up on a small farm many moons ago, we all knew that destroying nest of the swallow was a bad luck. We also knew that when the swallow fly close to the ground, the rain was in the forecast.

Tree Swallow

The bright yellow Gold Finches are never hard to spot.

American Gold Finch

The photo of the Cedar Waxwing didn’t really come out, but I guess I got him during his lunch. They like to eat berries.

Cedar Waxwing

It turned out to be a nice trip through the Aurora Arboretum. Our little trip, but not so little because lasted us 2.5 hours. Good news – no bears. Good news – no coyotes, since they been in the news couple of months ago. Good news – no foxes. My friend emailed me about her recent fox encounter in Aurora. While gardening her husband discovered two dead squirrel. Later they discovered it was a fox. My mother-in-law has a fox on her backyard too. It was more evident during the winter because of the footprints we found close to the patio door.

Sometimes it makes me wonder about the wild life in Aurora. The population of the Aurora is growing, more residential areas are added – and still I feel like there is more wild animals and birds in the area I am walking most of the time. What’s happening? I really don’t have the answer to that, but may be birds moved to the Arboretum or McKenzie marsh areas because of all the new subdivisions; or they simply adapting to us.

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  1. You always have such gorgeous photography. I love all the songbirds. Now I’ll have to visit that arboretum some day. As for the bear, you can relax. Mostly, they are very peaceful and nothing to worry about, as long as it’s not a grizzly or a polar bear (now that would be something!)

  2. kaslkaos, thank you. Arboretum is very nice walk, I would highly suggest. Just note you must look and listen. There are lot of walkers around, and it is such a shame they carry mp3 players with them. Thanks again for your comment, and it is always nice to see you. Anna :)

  3. Hi,

    Great shots. What camera and lens are you using to get these shots?


  4. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for commenting.
    Currently I have Canon 7D and Canon Lens 100-400mm.

    Anna :)