I Will Miss You Mr. Happy Green Bin

I Will Miss You Mr. Happy Green Bin

May 10, 2011
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Yes, I will miss his happy face always greeting me on the Thursday afternoon. This was my first and the last picture of the Green Bin I took in Aurora. I think it was a very cool logo and it was fun for children to see. I would naturally smile whenever I saw the truck driving by. I will miss you Mr. Happy Green Bin.

Green Bin Truck

The Green Bin logo is not on the truck anymore, at least the one that passes my house. The Green Bin Is In campaign is gone. The Compostable Get It Yourself Bag Is In campaign kicked in about two months ago, if I am not mistaken. It is really dull, blank, boring and empty. What does it take to make a happy compostable bag. The green bin and the compostable bag – that is a prefect pair.

However, I am glad that they put refreshing light green background on the truck and not the red demanding one. I don’t know if anyone remembers the first red ads that came out in The Banner – demanding, dictatorial and stringent.

York Region toned it all down recently.

The red message for mandatory compostable bag in the green bin is gone.
‘They make the perfect pair. Use compostable bags in your Green Bin. Compostable bags are mandatory as of May 1, 2011.’
Now the green message. A much softer voice to the consumers.
‘Will my Green Bin waste be left behind. …. As we continue this mandatory program over the next year, Green Bin waste will not be left behind. Program participation will be reviewed throughout the year. Enforcements needs, if any, will be determined at a later date.’

Red Vs. Green

Its been about three weeks and the compostable bags are not that bad as I thought. I am not convinced about diapers, dog poop and hygiene products going into compost, but hey that is better than nothing.

I feel like my composting also gotten better. I am trying not to produce unnecessary waste. May be because before I was eating less and composting more, and now I am eating more and composting less. Good bye Mr. Happy Green Bin.

Update May 19, 2011 – I looked outside through my window this afternoon and I saw big red poster on the compost truck. I guess they are using the red blob of color.

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