Living In Aurora Blog Live Again, Aurora Senior Centre

Living In Aurora Blog Live Again, Aurora Senior Centre

On November 13th, 2012 I went live once again, that is my Living In Aurora blog. This time I presented at the Aurora Senior Centre located near the Town Hall in Aurora.

Aurora Senior Centre, Town of Aurora, Ontario

First time I did for Hollandview Retirement Community. My presentation for the computer club at the Aurora Senior Centre was called the ‘Good Neighbour’ as well and it featured photography and my commentary on the changing Aurora, wonders of the Nokiidaa Trail Link boardwalk, the McKenzie boardwalk, the Community Arboretum, Merlin’s Hollow and Sheppard’s Bush. I also talked about some of the events in Aurora such as Canada Day Parade on July 1st, 2012.

Well, I am not exactly sure what is happening – interesting blogging phenomena. Usually one goes from audience to blog. In my case I am going from blog to audience, something I didn’t anticipated at first. I tell you one thing, one cannot hide in Aurora, one way or the other way you will be discovered.

Perhaps few words about my audience and my organizing crew Tom Yates, Jeff Walker and Bob Hedenberg. Their help in promoting, organizing and helping with the set up is greatly appreciated. Not to forget the gentleman behind the scenes who brought the speakers and microphone and probably other things. I must sound like celebrity now, but I did feel like one. Everyone was so nice, appreciative and provided such a nice relaxing environment for me to present.

I am sure no body noticed but my heart rate was up few beats. It usually happens when I have to speak in public (and I don’t do it very often), therefore, I have to thank Tom for a very kind introduction prior my presentation.

And now my audience …

It was nice to meet Tom Yates’ wife June. This is my first time meeting a woman photographer. The gentleman who reminded me about one of the photos of the light bulb I took at the Masonic Lodge. It helped to have family in the audience – Teresa Foti.

Aurora Masonic Hall, The Rising Sun Lodge No. 129

It was so nice for so many people to come up and introduce themselves or chat. Let see if I can summarize it. I hope I got everyone mentioned.

I finally met Christine Valentini, a name that is not hard to forget. We corresponded few times about the George Browning house which I had it in my presentation as well.

Then I got an invitation to photograph over 30 year old cactus living in Aurora – and I will.

A lady who commented on one of my flower photos, female and male combination of the jack plant and for love of me I cannot remember the rest of the name.

Merlin’s Hollow, July 10th, 2011

Then I got to speak to Gordon Barnes who was sitting in the first row, and commented on my good eye. If I knew he was going to come I would bring up some photos of him I have on my blog. I always see him at the Aurora Farmer’s Market.

Then this nice lady asked me about slight accent I have – its a combination of Ukrainian, Polish and English.

Then I think it was Stephen that offered to pay for the photos I brought to give out because he took to many. No worries about that, and I hope he will figure out how to make dandelion wine one day.

Did anyone ever find out about the lady bug? Yes, there are male ladybugs.

I had very good time. Thank you all.

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