Entertainer In The Park, What Makes Children Smile, The Magic Show

Entertainer In The Park, What Makes Children Smile, The Magic Show

It was our plan to visit Aurora Public Library after playing at the Town Park playground. We forgot – no library on Monday mornings. Aurora Public Library opens later in the day on Mondays.

Town Park playground is always fun for Matthew. The summer days are much cooler now so playing in the splash pad at the park was not definitely our cup of juice but seeing magic show was something we didn’t expect.

We had to think about the plan B. Living in Aurora and coming up with plan B is a very easy task – another park or playground, or hiking, or shopping. No we didn’t go hiking, or shopping, but we did drive along Kennedy Road and found another playground we never visited before – William Kennedy Park. Matthew had a blast running, climbing, jumping, having snacks and playing with other children.

Hamilton Park, Magic Show

Matthew Watching Magic Show at the Hamilton Park, Aurora

So we thought the playground time was over as we started to drive home, but as I said sometimes unexpected things come along. Matthew insisted to park near the Hamilton Park and to see coach Steve.

And who is coach Steve. Well to start he is our neighbour. He entertains and interacts with all the kids in our neighbourhood and they all love him. He never fails to make bubbles or blow balloons around the kids.

Hamilton Park, Magic Show

Matthew Doing Magic

He was also Matthew’s playball coach. A sport summer program coordinated by the town of Aurora, which Matthew attended this summer.

This summer was the first time we put Matthew into group sport activity, and having Steve as a coach made a big difference and unforgettable fun time for Matthew and for us to watch him having fun while learning in the group environment.

Hamilton Park, Magic Show

Coach Steve, Magic Show in the Hamilton Park

Steve’s coaching style or entertaining methods are fun and more so educational helping kids to have fun and learn at the same time.

Hamilton Park, Magic Show

Coach Steve with Surprised Children, Magic Show at the Hamilton Park

Now that you know Steve coach, what happened next. Well it was the magic show at the park – the unexpected event I told you about before. Steve is a entertainer for the children’s birthday parties, and last week Steve did a magic show for children in the Hamilton park.

It was definitely nice conclusion to our trip around Aurora that day. Three playgrounds, and surprise at the last one.

Hamilton Park, Magic Show

Magic Coloring Book, Magic Show at the Hamilton Park

On the side note, a week passed and I still haven’t figure out how the magic coloring book works.

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  1. Hi Anna,

    Matthew is huge! And gorgeous, as always :).
    Coach Steve seems like a great chap: and we can see that children are happy around him.

    The photo where Matthew and a girl are sitting, paying attention to the show is sooo cute!
    Thanks for sharing and I am becoming a fan of Aurora :D.