Arctic Adventure 2012 At The Town Park Better Photographed Than Said

Arctic Adventure 2012 At The Town Park Better Photographed Than Said

What a beautiful day it was for the Family Day at the Arctic Adventures event at the Town Park. We arrived close to lunch as I thought that parking will be available – never know some always leave for lunch.

To my surprise all streets on all four sides of the park were filled with cars and yet people like us kept coming in and coming in.

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The weather was just right. Lots of snow on the ground, sunny and warm enough for some not to wear jackets.

Thumbs up for all the activities. Short line ups, long line ups and lots of patience for everything – eating, jumping, sliding and more. Is someone was going to photograph this family event from the top view they would see these black lines on the white snow, just like trails.

Children Playing

Theme for children – Toy Story, Cars 2 and Smurfs. Yes one of the ice carvings was the Smurf.

Beautiful singing, gathering around fire and more as you will see on the photographs. Another successful Arctic Adventure.

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  1. Looks like everyone had fun! Great photos as usual Anna!

  2. Thanks Shawna, it was really nice day too.
    Anna :)