Senior’s Day In Pictures At Aurora Farmers Market

Senior’s Day In Pictures At Aurora Farmers Market

Aug 16, 2011
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A very eventful day at the Aurora Farmers Market on August 13th, 2011 it was. It was a Senior’s Day. As you can see in pictures they enjoyed signing, listening, shopping, chatting, eating good food, and more …

I must confess but I do enjoy reading the Senior Scape column published regularly in THE AURORAN. To make this post a bit more interesting, I would like to share a couple of quotes from the Senior Scape column I found inspiring.

Imagination and reason combine to guide the hands of the artist carefully, while roughing out an initial version of the shape; delicate artistry caresses the final creation to emerge from the rough shape, now rendered to its full glory by meticulous hands‘. Source: Honouring Walter Rydzik, by Brian Warburton, Senior Scape, THE AURORAN, Week of July 26, 2011, pg. 15.

To view photos in the gallery below just simply click on the thumbnail once, and then on the image to proceed to next and next photo.

The first meeting of the Camera Club received excellent support and interest, including one enthusiast clinging to a favourite film camera he had possessed for many years‘. Source: Co-ordinator begins maternity leave soon, by Brian Warburton, Senior Scape, THE AURORAN, Week of June 28, 2011, pg. 15.

Aha, I wonder how it would feel now to take out my first film SLR camera and take pictures. I think the habit of previewing each picture will be there, and I probably will be more reserved how many I would take. Taking hundreds of photos per day is very easy with a digital camera.

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