WONDER® Bread-y Power Of Public Opinion, Makeover

WONDER® Bread-y Power Of Public Opinion, Makeover

Last night we were driving on Bayview Street in Aurora when a new radio commercial about the WONDER® bread makeover started to play. So, the WONDER® bread got complete makeover according to the commercial – simplified ingredients list, no artificial preservatives, no chemical additives as artificial flavors or artificial colors.

Aha, are they kidding me?

I don’t have to write here about the health benefit of not having all those removed in the ingredient list.

It was a public opinion that got the company to do the makeover. According to their press release through PR Newswire:

‘… consumers are paying more attention to food labels and are seeking products that are free of artificial ingredients. The research revealed that nearly eight in ten (79%) of all women feel buying foods that are free of artificial preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours is important — and 77% of all women say buying foods free of these artificial ingredients is more important now than it was one year ago.’

I don’t think it was the research that initiated the make over, probably their sales were down and then they had to do the survey to figure out what is going on.

Okay, okay I will get to the point.

Do you really think that the WONDER® cares about consumers?

My opinion – no.

Less ingredients – reduced cost, increased profits.

No preservatives is interesting one. Now they are telling us – eat faster because it will not last that long. Consumer will have to buy this bread more frequently because of its reduced shelf life.

Oh and because of the health benefits they have grounds for increased price – I just hope not.

See what the power of public opinion can do, bring the better product to the market and profitability for the company.

What are they trying to do whack my head. No I will not allow because I am sticking with my whole grain bread.

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  1. We should feed Wonder bread to the Canadian geese which poop everywhere. That will kill them. ;-)

  2. :) thanks for the recommendations.
    Anna :)