School Like Lofty Ideas, Wells Street School Future Transformation

School Like Lofty Ideas, Wells Street School Future Transformation

Partially we should be happy that the Wells Street Public School will not be demolished, but unfortunate that it is not going to be a school in the near future. Something also tells me that many are not happy about the transformation to the residential area, or so called lofts.

Wells Street Public School

If everything goes through in the upcoming months or years, Aurora will have lofts on Wells Street.

I am not sure if the reconstruction of old factories into lofts is still booming as it was over ten years ago in Toronto. When we looked for our first house to buy we did tour one of those lofts. They were nice. Not within our requirements though – size versus the price.

There were some layout issues we did not like as well. Ceilings were high and not covered, with all the piping exposed – dust collectors for sure. The sewer pipe, probably not able to change it, was just beside the kitchen. My imagination is too wild, I would hate the sounds of flushing toilet when I am cooking.

No thanks for us. We ended up in the Aurora.

Wells Street Public School

Can we salvage the look of the school?

It is hard to tell. It all depends on how many loft units developer is planning to have. The windows probably will be developer’s greatest obstacle. Major windows on the sides and on the front of the school are in the groups of five. Hard split for sure. The front of the school is practically all windows, not including the side decor closed frames.

Let just hope that may be the builder is thinking about converting each classroom into a loft. Then there is possibility to preserve the look of the old school. But never know, I am only speaking of it by looking outside. Once engineers will get hold of the plans they will be able to do some magic.

Parking availability will be also interesting item on the list. Will they dig underground? It is possible.

Wells Street Public School, Fenced Side

I was a bit ignorant before and did not really pay attention why would only one side of the school be fenced off. I sneaked behind the Aurora Masonic Hall to see the fenced side of the school. It is obvious now to me that there are external damages to the brick wall on one side only.

Now there is a question for you. You are in the market to buy a nice loft in Aurora. You spotted lofts for sale on the Wells Street. Investigated and found out that one side of the building was once damaged. Which side would you be interested in, the damaged or undamaged one? Or will you go and look somewhere else? Aha, something to think about.

Okay and what will happen to the Aurora Farmers Market? Or may be it is too soon to think about relocating but I am sure it will all work out. Sometimes it is to hard accept change in our community, but things will always change and sometimes for a greater good.

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Anna Lozyk Romeo

I am living in Aurora and this is my photo journal blog. A picture says 1000 words - but not always, so I write. You don't have to travel 1000 miles to find a treasure - all I have to do is zoom through my lens and I will find it for you here in Aurora.


  1. Anna,

    I like lofts, but if one is thinking about having a family; then they just won’t do.
    This school is beautiful and if the architect is smart he/she will be able to do a marvellous thing with it (no pipes showing lol).

    I hope all is well, girl! Send my love to Matthew, please :D.

    Big hug and cheerio

  2. Thanks Max!
    I think lofts are more for just married couple. I knew few how flipped for a good money, lol.
    You are absolutely right, they are not that good for families with children. What is happening in our community though they are calling them retirement centers.
    So never know, this may be one too.

    Thanks for all your visits Max!

    Anna :)