Reading, Talking And Driving, She Must Be BlackBerry CrackBerry

Reading, Talking And Driving, She Must Be BlackBerry CrackBerry

I just wish I could do this – read messages, talk to the passenger and drive, all at the same time. I wish I could go trick-or-treat with my child and text at the same time, but I chose not to own this cool toy blackberry often called crackberry for such reasons.

Yesterday, I was driving along the St. John’s sideroad. I glanced in my mirror to see what Matthew was doing on the back. However, before I was able to look at him I saw white Mazda car driving behind me with two young ladies. Or even better I young lady driving the Mazda car with her friend in the passenger seat. But sometimes it does feel like that car is driving by itself.

I was slowing down as few cars in front slowed down and were flashing to make a left turn. I was slowing down but not the driver in the Mazda car.

The driver had her head down for most of the time. At the same time she was conversing with her passenger friend. When they came close to me they stopped. I must say the driver was good. Oh I wish I could have such multitasking skill. She almost gave me a heart attack though because I wasn’t in the mood for another fender bender incident.

The driver continued to text and chat with her friend. I turned left on Yonge Street and they drove straight on St. John’s sideroad.


I may not sound too angry. Let just say that I have no hope in the drivers or the law enforcers, both need some good wacky wack qack on the head.

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  1. One can always hope she has a nasty one-car accident.

  2. Marvin, for some reason I knew you would say that, lol.
    Kidding aside, it is dangerous act, probably more popular than drinking and driving.
    Anna :)