Printed Phone Book Use, I Found One Use, A Relief

Printed Phone Book Use, I Found One Use, A Relief

If anyone is interested Michael (Michael’s Blog) may still have the printed phone book for sale – Phone Book for Sale!. Back in January Michael wrote how useless are the printed phone books. I agreed.

When not so long time ago we received another printed phone book at our door, and probably everyone in Aurora did, Chris Watts (Temporary Insanity) had his nice commentary in his post, ‘They printed the whole internet into a book…and its free?‘ I did not object.

Printed Phone Book

But then I think there is a still hope for the printed phone books.

On the weekend I have visited Nature’s Emporium in the Newmarket to buy some natural lollipops. Matthew is going through the candy mania, and we are trying to avoid anything with colors and artificial flavors.

On my way out I picked up free magazine alive, Canada’s Natural Health and Wellness Magazine, a September issue.

How can possibly printed phone book be healthy for you?

Later that day I started to read. I hit the Ask the experts page. A whole page to answer this question: ‘I’m suffering from constipation. How can I deal with it naturally?

We are getting closer.

Caroline Farquhar, RHN, specializes in natural digestive care, detoxification, and internal cleansing. The answer is coming from the expert. She had nine natural remedies.

Remedy one … blah blah blah. Remedy number nine – read on.

Position yourself correctly when using the toilet. Keep your feet raised on a stepstool or phone book for proper eliminative posture (knees above the waist).

Disclaimer. Consult your physician or other health care professional before using to determine that the thickness of your phone book is right for you.

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  1. How funny, Kelley started to do this a month ago after reading something similar. She uses a footstool we now keep in the bathroom for this purpose. It serves double duty for the children to access the sink.

  2. Yes and you can also use to raise up children at the dinner table so they can reach a good food.
    Seems like phone book health benefits out weigh the advertising benefits, lol.
    Thanks Chris.
    Anna :)