Beyond And Under, Still No Grocery Store For Seniors, St. Andrew’s Plaza

Beyond And Under, Still No Grocery Store For Seniors, St. Andrew’s Plaza

When I was checking out library books I noticed framed article right at the exit, just beside the security gates. I packed my books and went to check it out. The article was titled ‘Aurora Public Library and was written by Stephen Somerville who writes for The Auroran in his Front Porch Perspective column.

If I were to read this article I would probably had to take the frame down and head out for the treat. When Matthew sees treat he has more than ants in his pants. It was easier for me to make the note when the article was published – on January 27th, 2009 in The Auroran, and read it later.

Library Books, Curious George

I reached for the brochure and the pencil and wrote it down. Today I finally I read it and this is the most inspirational letter I ever read. Kudos to Stephen Somerville for sharing and Reccia Mandelcorn for writing it.

Libraries are about families, about generations and shared histories, about experiences, about imagination, about the world and about appreciating other cultures. Libraries are the equalizers of the economic and digital divides, between the “haves” and the “have-nots.”‘, THE AURORAN, Week of January 27, 2009 – pg 5.

What I also read was the brochure I made my notes in. The brochure was about VISITING LIBRARY SERVICE – your library ~ serving your community. I was very happy to know that we have such a wonderful service for those who are not able to visit the library, so library will visit them.

A Visiting Library Service volunteer will bring library materials to members who cannot visit the Library due to disability, illness or frailty and have no alternative means of obtaining library materials.

Some things are just beyond what I have expected to see in our town. But, there are always buts.

So what’s under?

Orchard Heights Place, Aurora

Orchard Heights Place, Aurora

This brochure made me remember to check out the St. Andrew’s Plaza. There used to be Foodland store which was closed back in October last year leaving local residents, especially seniors right across the street, with no other grocery store close by.

As of last couple of weeks I have not seen any ‘store’ activity when I dropped by to snap some pictures. I am sure if there was a new grocery store coming, we will be hearing it everywhere. But because it is not I doubt that anyone wants to talk about it. Seems like a big secret for now.

Once Foodland!

When the store was closing we know that Frank Klees was able to arrange free transportation for the seniors from the Orchard Heights Place to the nearest grocery store. The arrangements were made for the seniors to be dropped off at the Sobeys due to association to Foodland. Did you know that it is the school bus that picks and drops seniors off? Not the best ride I say.

Nice temporary fix it is. How long will it last, no body knows? I am sure the YRT strike for few months didn’t serve well either.

YRT Bus Stop, Orchard Heights, Aurora

In the long term this isn’t a true solution.

Pedestrian Crossing, Orchard Heights, Aurora

Somethings here are in Aurora are under and not being able to bring grocery store back in place of Foodland is that something and yes that crossing sign on Orchard Heights Boulevard once had a purpose too.

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