White Breasted Nuthatch, Found At The Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area

White Breasted Nuthatch, Found At The Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area

Dec 31, 2011
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I saw this tiny White Breasted Nuthatch [Sitta carolinensis] for the first time many years ago, probably 5 years ago at the Roger’s Reservoir. The photo wasn’t the best as I was shooting across the river, but it made my birding list.

White-Breasted Nuthatch, Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area

While wondering at the Sheppard’s Bush couple of days ago I spotted couple of them at the entrance flying from tree to tree and then diving for few seeds. The nuthatch photo success is thanks to someone who spread seeds at the both information booths at the entrance to the Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area.

There were chickadees and morning doves as well, but I already have complete photo collection of them. Chickadees were flying unusually fast and by the time I adjusted my camera I was taking pictures of seeds only. That was probably the squirrel effect.

The interesting part about the Nuthatch bird species was that they were actually climbing or bird walking on the side of the tree trunks, similar to the woodpeckers.

I am glad that I was able to get a very good close up photo this time. Small birds are so adorable.

Black Squirrels, Sheppard's Bush Conservation Area

Where there are seeds there will be squirrels. I know from experience having my own bird feeder on the back. The squirrels kept the birds away most of the time. Note on the photo how furry the squirrels are during the winter. They definitely need that kind of fur for cold winter days – and I could use some too.

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