Victoria Hall, What Came First Mosley Or Victoria Street?

Victoria Hall, What Came First Mosley Or Victoria Street?

After our visit to the library to return books and pick up some more we got sidetracked. We crossed a parking lot behind the library and somehow landed on Mosley Street.

It was a nice little historic walk with Matthew walking on the side.

Victoria Hall, Front Entrance

Victoria Hall, Built 1883

We passed by few heritage places, but one that left most impression on me was the Victoria Hall, a simple Gothic church of the late 19th century (1883) that was once a home to the local congregation of the Disciples of Christ Church.

For a small Gothic building, I was surprised to read and learn that it was also a ‘Health Hall‘ and a Public Library in the past.

Victoria Hall, West Side

So that morning I started with the newest library for regular stop, then I ran into the site of the oldest one, and then I found Aurora library from 1963 on Victoria Street. I gave myself a pat on the shoulder for such interesting ‘finding‘ that day.

Victoria Hall is located at the intersection of Mosley Street and Victoria Street, to be exact 27 Mosley Street, Aurora.

Victoria Hall, East Side

When I was photographing Victoria Hall I knew nothing about it. The name was obvious. The age was obvious – engraved in stone above.

What I did not know that day if it was located on the Mosley Street or Victoria Street?

The church is facing Mosley Street, then must be located on the Mosley Street. I thought.

But then I thought, may be I was wrong, but I wasn’t. So why then the church is called Victoria Hall now?

Victoria Hall, Arched Windows

The only logic I can apply is that Victoria Street came after the church was re-named to Victoria Hall. That is the street Victoria Street was named after the Victoria Hall.

Am I right? I don’t know.

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  1. I’m not sure. My daughter has attended birthday parties here. It’s an interesting building. You probably have already, but check out the Cultural Centre in the same area. It’s wonderful!

  2. Yes I did I took 360 degrees photo shoot.
    Interesting enough I was so into the architecture of the building that I forgot to change one setting on my camera.
    I have to go for retake. The sunny day and shades on my glasses stopped me from seeing what was wrong.
    Thanks again,
    Anna :)