Tree Mummies Found, Winter Ready Nokiidaa Trail Ready For Weather Moodswings

Tree Mummies Found, Winter Ready Nokiidaa Trail Ready For Weather Moodswings

I always thought that the evergreen trees were designed to withstand harsh winter weather. Yet here we are protecting trees by wrapping them with burlap type of material. Now reading more about it it all makes sense. Even just heavy snow fall can damage tree branches by bending them too much. Wind burn is another factor that can injure these trees especially when they are a new transplants.

You can see these wrapped up tree mummies driving North on Yonge Street just pass St. John’s sideroad or Hadley Grange retirement center, East side.

They look like mummies, but I really should not call them that as the mummy refers to humans and animals and not plants.

Nokiidaa Trail Link, Boardwalk

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  1. Yes, one of our evergreens had awful branch damage one year because of heavy snow build up. If I had known to wrap them, we’d still have that tree today. I also wonder if they wrap these trees by the road to protect them from sand/salt kicked up by the plows.

  2. Butterfly, I have one too, but it is sitting in the corner fence, so may be nothing really happens.
    Not sure about the sand and the salt, but it is possible.
    Thanks Butterfly for your visit and wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Anna :)

  3. If ever a tree gets damaged from the weight of snow, you can usually tie it up to reverse the damage. In the spring, tie the fallen branches with a nylon twine to the main trunk and continue this up the tree to get that nice shape again.