Town of Aurora Official Town Crier, John Webster, Never Too Late To Learn

Town of Aurora Official Town Crier, John Webster, Never Too Late To Learn

John Webster, Town of Aurora Town Crier and his wife Mary arrived for the Sesquicentennial Mayor’s Levee on February 3rd, 2013 at the Town Park.

I photographed them last year during July 1st, 2012 Canada Day parade – Aurora Celebrates Canada Day, Yonge Street Parade Snapshots, Part II. Then I missed them during Santa Clause parade, it was too dark; and here they are again.

John Webster, Town Crier, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Well, stupid question or not, I had to ask. Cllr John Abel filled me on the all the details. Looks like I asked the right person too because Cllr John Abel on February 14th, 2012 put a motion forward to nominate John Webster to be our official Town of Aurora Town Crier.

Town of Aurora Council approved and on February 28, 2012 Town of Aurora appointed John Webster to be the Official Town Crier of the Town of Aurora. His function is to make public announcements at official events, and we all know now how it is done.

Sometimes I wonder how little I know about this town. Blogging helps, participating helps and asking helps.

John Webster with His Wife Mary, Town Crier, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Why John Webster then? John Webster is professional Town Crier, not sure how current information on the net is, but he is also official Town Crier for the Town of Markham and of the Town of East Gwillimbury. Mary Webster is the Official Wife of the Town Crier, John Webster. If you want to learn more here is interesting reading for you to absorb – read more.

John Webster also has deep roots here in Aurora. John Webster’s Great Grandfather, John Webster (same name) was a ship’s carpenter in the Royal Navy and when he retired he received a gift in the form of land in the New World. That land was later called Aurora. His grandfather and his father grew up in Aurora.

John Webster, Sesquicentennial Mayor’s Levee, Town Park

We also have Webster Drive to honour the Webster Family.

I hope you enjoyed this short Sesquicentennial history lesson and for sure in the future you will be seeing more of John & Mary Webster on my photographs.

These are pictures I have taken during the Mayor’s Levee on February 3rd, 2013 and believe or not with their elaborate outfits, John and Mary brighten lot of my pictures.

Town Crier John Webster, Mayor Dawe, Tug-O-War Beginning

Town Crier John Webster, Tug-O-War Cry, Town Park

Town Crier John Webster, Tug-O-War, Almost Won

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