Sunday February 3rd, 2013 Aurora Turned 150 Years Old, Mayor’s Levee

Sunday February 3rd, 2013 Aurora Turned 150 Years Old, Mayor’s Levee

Feb 6, 2013
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On Sunday the February 3rd, 2013 Town of Aurora officially turned 150 years old. Official celebrations started at two o’clock in the afternoon at the Town Park where Aurora families were invited to the Mayor’s Sesquicentennial Levee.

Bandshall, Town Park, Town of Aurora, Ontario

I was there from the beginning. Initially I wasn’t going to stay to the end mainly because it was cold, but I did, all the way to the closing ceremony. More people arrived as well and trust me by the time you will see my last set of published photos in the future posts, you will see how cold everyone was.

Well the 150 year birthdays do not come around very often so I don’t regret staying to the end.

Wagon Rides, Town Park, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Wagon Rides (Chris is that you?), Town Park, Town of Aurora, Ontario

It was cold, but it was warm by the bonfire. Some chose to warm up in other ways – skating, tug-of-war and if the kids allowed you the broomball game was another option. Hot chocolate and cup cakes were served. Did not try the wagon ride but it looked like a warm idea too.

And if you were part of the organizing Sesquicentennial blue hats committee you be warm too – the running they had to do to keep all in order.

Warming up by Bonfire, Town Park, Town of Aurora, Ontario

We can probably blame the cold weather and the Superbowl for the low turnout. However, despite the low turnout families came with children to celebrate and they did have fun. I was pleased with lot of Aurora 150 flag entries.

Children imagination and creativity always puts smile on my face.

Tim Jones, Past Mayor of Aurora, MC for Mayor’s Levee, Town Park

On the side note, about the flag raising. I think deep down we were glad that there was no wind that day, and it never came when the flag was raised. However, the wind came eventually to show off the colorful flag by Victoria – I wonder if anyone noticed.

Local dignitaries, faith groups, some current Aurora Members of Council came, and few past members of council attended as well.

Cllr John Abel (left), Town Park, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Tim Jones, Past Mayor of Aurora, Town Park, Town of Aurora

As always I took lot of pictures. I just don’t like missing an opportunity that only comes every 150 years. […] with a sudden few encouragements from the blue hats members I decided to stick around and continue with the photo shoot.

I am telling you I got lot of pictures and I have decided to publish many just not in one post. I will ‘theme‘ them up and hopefully more people will be aware of the next celebration in May. Unfortunately, I will not be there.

Happy Mayor Dawe with Cllr Paul Pirri (left) and Cllr Michael Thompson (right)

So what happened on Sunday. I arrived around two o’clock. Got my camera out, got recognized by Cllr Abel, and was introduced to Terry Sherin, President Aurora Optimist Club. Many years ago, Terry Sherin used to send us his real state newsletters. We even met in person and talked on the phone, but he will not remember that.

Today was also the day I finally met Cllr Michael Thompson and Mayor Dawe. Met up with Matt and Deb, Chris and Kelley and their little girls. I must say that this celebration definitely had a small community feeling.

Too bad that the rest of the Aurora Members of Council didn’t make it. I missed Cllr Buck, hope she is doing fine. This years flu season wasn’t pleasant to many of us.

Michael Thompson (left), Matt Maddocks, and a Friend on the right.

And here is Bob McRoberts. If you didn’t hear yet, McRoberts recently published a book – Postcards of Olde Aurora. As the title states, a collection of old Aurora postcards.

Bob McRoberts, Town Park, Town of Aurora, Ontario

Thanks to Ron, I have wonderful collection of Aurora books.

Ron Wallace, Past Councillor and Founder of The Auroran, Town of Aurora Local Newspaper

David Heard knows what to do when I take a photo him. We all must accept changes at some point and I am actually slowly accepting that knowing more people there will be more posed photos, unless I really hide.

David Heard, A Step In Time – Historical Walking Tours of Aurora

We all know who David Falconer is – but he is always taking pictures so it is hard to get him posing.

David Falconer, The Auroran Photographer

There was a lot of hard working volunteers on site, but I was glad to see that they as well enjoyed themselves.

Volunteer, Town Park, Town of Aurora

Oh and here is Cllr Paul Pirri with Cllr John Abel.

Brr, it was cold. Town Park, Town of Aurora

The former Wells Street Public School was open for viewing and looks like Mayor Dawe, Cllr Abel and Cllr Pirri got the opportunity to sneak in.

Former Wells Street Public School, Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts Inc, Town of Aurora

And lastly Happy 150th Birthday Town of Aurora!

The Birthday Cake, Mayor’s Levee, Town Park, Town of Aurora

This is my first introductory post to the a very beginning of my four hour journey on February the 3rd, 2013. If you didn’t get on my photo in here, chances are you made on my later photos. More coming soon.

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