Sunday Break, York Region Transit & Viva Strike Continues

Sunday Break, York Region Transit & Viva Strike Continues

Jan 15, 2012
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Sunday photo showcase. All posts titled Sunday Break are photo(s) only and a quote. Posted photos may not be necessary the most current one and as always it is all about Town of Aurora. Enjoy!

Bikers On Yonge Street, York Region Transit, Strike Continues

‘Negotiations are non-existent between the unions and contractors, with no movement on the horizon following last week’s rejection of Miller Transit’s offer in a supervised vote by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. This has left York Region with no choice but to take steps to assist our transit riders.’
Source: The Regional Municipality of York takes action to restore transit service to riders, York Region Transit/VIVA, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Right, most transist systems here (especially trains) are forbidden to strike, I think. We rarely have those. You guys have them all the time, it seems!