Small Size Iced Cappuccino With White Milk, Or Brown Milk?

Small Size Iced Cappuccino With White Milk, Or Brown Milk?

Jun 29, 2012
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My Wacky Aurora Hub post publishing has been dormant for a while so after yesterday’s experience at the coffee shop I thought I bring this category back to life. Besides, laughter is always the best medicine.

Yesterday was my day with Matthew at the library and after I promised him Tim Hortons donut. I visited with Matthew Tim Hortons on Wellington and believe or not that visit brought some funny memories back of which I will be talking later including this one.

Here I am waiting patiently my turn to buy a ‘chocolate covered chocolate donuts‘ for Matthew, in other words double chocolate donuts.

For myself I decided – a small Iced Cappacino for $2. Kind of expensive if you find out that 1/3 of the cup is ice, but then this is why they call it the Iced Cappuccino.

Fresh Pot of 'Coffee' Of Course

I must admit that I am not a vivid shopper. Most of my shopping is for groceries. So when finally I get to go out and do some shopping or just for some fast snacks everyone tends to speak in the code.

White or chocolate?‘ – the lady behind the counter asked. ‘White or Chocolate what?’ – I replied. ‘It tells me here white or chocolate‘ – she replied impatiently. ‘Okay give me the white‘ – whatever it is I thought. ‘Well then white milk for your Iced Cappuccino‘ – she confirmed.

Oh I didn’t know that milk comes in different colors other than white. Oh and I didn’t know that chocolate is consider a color. And now I know and only at Tim Hortons.

When we arrived at the Tim Hortons Matthew asked if he can go to the washroom. I told him yes and that I have to bring him to the Ladies washroom again. Yes again because let me tell you what happened last time.

It was the same scenario few weeks ago when I had to take Matthew to the washroom. I told him that he has to go to the ladies room with me. ‘Not ladies room, the woman washroom‘ – he strongly stated. I agreed and took him in. When inside he scanned the room, squatted looking for the feet and ‘where are all the women?‘ – he asked surprised. Luckily there were none.

More code stories.

Couple of months ago it was ladies night at the Mark’s Work Wearhouse. What the heck, sales are always good so I went shopping for clothes. At the register young lady worked really fast because there was a long line up of shoppers, or let say mostly ladies.

When she finished scanning all my clothes she looked at me and asked me ‘What size underwear?

Excuse me‘ – I replied surprised.

They are free‘ – I passing man behind the counter said, probably the store manager.

Oh, this must be the free gift the are giving away. I paused. I had to think – and at this point my face had the third degree burn.

Medium please‘ – you cannot go wrong with the medium, either it is too big or too small. At least I have an option to shrink it in the dryer if it is too big.

Well, well speaking of options at least I know that I have options in every shopping scenario and I don’t have to be wrong just be stack with the wrong thing.

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