Ron Wallace Retired, May Be From The Auroran Only, Or Not

Ron Wallace Retired, May Be From The Auroran Only, Or Not

I am not sure who retired first, Bonnie Tiffin from Oak Ridges or Ron Wallace? We all know who Ron Wallace is and those who read The Auroran definitely will know Bonnie Tiffin. Bonnie Tiffin on regular basis submits Letter to the Editor in The Auroran.

Well looks like Poor Ronnie still has his column. But Bonnie has not been around since her last letter ‘What will Wallace do next, she wonders‘ from the week of November 29, 2011. I hope Bonnie will be back soon, may be she is just taking some time off for holidays.

Yes, what will Wallace do next? I wondered too. But looks like he is already keeping himself busy. His column is still featured in The Auroran, just got pushed further and deeper into the newspaper by Brock’s Banter. However, I am sure that Ron can be easily found on any page of the Auroran.

Aurora Cultural Centre, Town of Aurora

Then when I was looking through the Winter Programs at the Aurora Cultural Centre I spotted Ron again. Under the Heritage Lecture Series there is Ron Wallace to present a lecture on ‘How the Word Got Around: An Historical Look at Local Newspapers‘. The event will be on May 16th, 2011, and only six months away.

I may attend the seminar myself and I may be even get to meet the Mr. Aurora for the second time.

Aurora 1945-1965, An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change

I (and of course Matthew) got to meet Ron for few minutes. Back in August, myself and Matthew dropped by The Auroran place located at the Old Post Office building to pick up the Aurora 1945-1965 book by Elizabeth Milner. In the email I was clearly instructed to find the office on the second floor at the rear. On the side note, it is worth getting Milner’s book if you like local history.

The Old Post Office, 1915, Town of Aurora

I didn’t listened. Do I ever? Well I got lost on the first round. I went to the second floor from the front of the Old Post Office (Yonge Street). So for about 10 minutes we were wondering around. I was looking for any body, even a mouse to ask for the direction and Matthew was having fun peeking through the mail box slots on the doors.

As we were coming down I snapped pictures of this beautiful wooden staircase. As we were coming down the driving school instructor in one of the rooms joked and told me to slide down the railing. Yeah, like I was ready for a stunt in my 40s, and I just hope he wasn’t teaching anything crazy in his driving classes.

The Old Post Office, 1915, The Wooden Railing

So go figure, the second floor from the front does not connect to the second floor at the rear.

After all we had fun exploring the old post office building, and eventually we located The Auroran and met Ron Wallace – for only few minutes.

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  1. Haven’t forgotten you, just busy busy since I’m home the rest of the year. I love that brickwork on the cultural center! If I don’t make it back here the rest of the year, I’m still wishing you and your family a happy Christmas!

  2. Thanks Marvin,
    wishing you the same.
    Anna :)