Pet Cemetery, Access Denied

Pet Cemetery, Access Denied

Aug 18, 2011
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It isn’t going to happen after seeing this sign. The Kennel Inn is now closed and there is absolutely no trespassing. I thought that Kennel Inn was always private property, but according to the sign it is now.


After all this work about the pet cemetery in Aurora, there will be no pictures in my gallery.

Looking from Young Street

So I have been reading. Yes a book. With all the blogging and reading online I do in the past 4 years, I am actually enjoying a good book before going to sleep. Not that reading books put me to sleep, but the night is only time I can actually sit still and read. It is good thing to wind down after busy day. Two weeks ago I visited Aurora Library and picked up ‘Aurora 1945-1965 An Ontario Town at a Time of Great Change‘ book by Elizabeth Hearn Milner. I am really amazed by the author’s detailed information, 300 pages of 20 years of Aurora history.

Interesting enough I found more information about Victor Blochin in Milner’s book.

… Mr. Victor Blochin who was, by accounts a (white) Russian Count. Victory Blochin lived on Ridge Road, the first side road after the overpass, on the west side of Yonge Street at the south end of town. He had kennels, a pet cemetery, raised West Highland Terriers, made and delivered special dog food to special customers and gave lessons in Russian and chess. He wore a monocle and dressed with panache, often in jodhpurs, riding boots, sport jacket and beret. He wasn’t the usual chap you saw on the post office steps in the town.’ – Elizabeth Hearn Milner wrote on page 34.

I flip to page 300 and Milner writes, ‘I regret that I could not find pictures of Thelma Fielding, Anne Elizabeth (Wilson) Blochin, Louise McDowell and Vivian Wilcox. Perhaps someone will find photographs of these women as a result of this effort.

Perhaps someone will in deed …

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