Merlin’s Hollow, My First May Visit, Art of Decay

Merlin’s Hollow, My First May Visit, Art of Decay

This is my third year visiting and photographing the Merlin’s Hollow English garden here in the Town of Aurora. In the past I have been starting my visits in June.

You can definitely find more flowers later in the summer, but late spring always has many beautiful surprises thus it was my attempt not to miss this year’s May visit.

Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

And I am glad that I didn’t miss the May visit as I was able to add more flowers to my Merlin’s Hollow flower collection. Despite the cold temperatures and rain, I was able to find new plant species never mind in three life stages – closed bulbs ready for blooming, full blooming flowers and decaying flowers.

As always I tend to photograph the perfect flowers; however, this time I found art in the decay – an abstract art.

Tulip, Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

Over the years when photographing flowers I choose to look at the beautiful blooming flowers, but I will not do that anymore, I am going to enjoy all stages of life of the plant species. They all deserve attention.

Yes, I find abstract in the decaying flowers. The perfect patterned architecture of the flowers does not exist anymore. As the decay progresses the inner beauty of the flower is revealed, the seeds form and the beauty is passed on. Okay, not always from seeds.

Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

So I am bragging about decaying flowers and almost none are here. However, I did post more Merlin’s Hollow photos on Facebook and you can find decaying one there hiding between other photos. I did expend my horizons and I have been more active on the social media.

I do showcase more photography of Aurora and beyond on Facebook, so you are more than welcome to be my friend, see badge on the sidebar.

Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

The visits to the Merlin’s Hollow aren’t just about the flowers. I always look forward to meet Dierdre. She is a story teller and I enjoy every chance I get to talk to her. As well I get little hints there and there from David what to look for.

David Tomlinson, Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

Visitors, Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

I came later in the afternoon and I was amazed how much I was able find to photograph even thought I have been in this garden many times. No moment or time or plant species are the same. I nearly spent there two hours and probably would more, but then family obligations – my gang was waiting for me at home.

Merlin’s Hollow, Aurora

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